Socian- One Incredible AI Based Social Media Analytics Platform

With the startup trend going on in Bangladesh, the youngsters of Bangladesh are stepping up with amazing ideas. One such amazing startup, Socian was formed by a group of tech-savvy friends. Socian is an Artificial Intelligence oriented Social Media Analytics Platform. It helps businesses understand and analyze user posts given on Social Media in a cost effective way. At the same time, companies can compare with competitors to find where they are standing by using Socian’s service.

To boost up the startup ecosystem in Bangladesh, so many large corporations have come forward to encourage people to come up with startup ideas. The GrameenPhone Accelerator, powered by SD Asia, is one such great initiative to help local tech startups with the resources they need to build and grow their businesses. The top five teams from the program are provided with seed funding, workspace in GP House, expert mentors, excellent curricula and GP’s in-house development resources. The aim of this accelerator program is to help local entrepreneurs succeed and scale up their ambitions. Although it’s a new step for GrameePhone, they have successfully launched their first batch and now working on the 2nd batch of the accelerator program.

GP Accelerator has already selected the top 5 teams for the 2nd batch. The 5 teams are now getting 4 months session at GP House and being guided by expert mentors. Socian being one of the top 5 teams are also taking part in the session. The Socian team has 5 members with 3 data scientists and 2 business specialists. Before forming Socian, they also built up another startup named Technolive. As a result, the team already has expertise in the field. Socian is already serving 5 business clients and making BDT 32,000 per month.


Socian is unique from other competitors as they are the only Analytics company that works with Bengali data. They are aiming to take the Bengali language to the next step in the global context. Socian’s platform supports 81 languages, whereas most companies offer analysis in English language only. At the same time, Socian doesn’t only work with Page based analysis, but also Post based analysis. This means, even without any tag or hashtags, the AI will find the information only with word match. Besides, Socian has a very secure and powerful Dashboard which provides all the information to people in a well-organized way.

Along with the seed funding, workspace and mentorship from the Accelerator Program, Socian is looking forward to making a connection through this accelerator program. Besides, they also believe the program will help them to improve their knowledge on business which will assist in expanding the company.

We talked to Tanvir Sourov, Co-founder and CEO of Socian to find out more about their journey at GP Accelerator.


“We like the whole process of the GP Accelerator program. The mentors, tagged mentors, GPA team and GP team are wonderful. The curriculum the program follows is very helpful and will certainly help a startup to grow.”

Tanvir also talked about his experience in the GP Accelerator so far. The team has got Misha Ali from Bikroy as their tagged mentor and learning a lot from him every week. Besides, the weekly sessions from other dedicated mentors have enhanced their knowledge on diverse sectors.


Tareq, co-founder and CTO of Socian said- “Our main focus is to apply Machine Learning to do Natural Language Processing for Bangla and other Indian sub-continental languages. But existing tools are suitable only for research, not production grade. So we had to work from scratch to develop a system that scales. And we are continuously working to improve our system. The Accelerator program and mentors are very helpful and cooperative. We have learned lots from the sessions and making many improvements in our system and overall startup.”

The team is looking forward to easier access to GP people in order to meet them. Sometimes, they find it difficult to meet everyone from GP at a time since those people are also busy with their individual official tasks. But eventually, they believe they can utilize the time and space at GP house to collaborate with the GP team and also work with them in future.

When asked about their plan, Tanvir said, “By the end of the Accelerator, our target is to have 100 business clients. After graduating, our target in the first 6 months is to acquire 250 clients. And by June 2017, we have our goals to have 400 B2B clients. Once we have a good customer base in Bangladesh, we have plans to expand Socian outside the country.”

Nahid Farzana