BuzzAlly Introduces Missed Call Marketing In Bangladesh

Have you ever heard of ‘missed-call marketing’? If yes, then it’s really easy to describe the Startup named ‘BuzzAlly’, which has been selected as a top five startup of GP Accelerator program.


Missed Call marketing is not that much familiar in Bangladesh. But there are over 110 million mobile phone users but marketers find it is difficult to categorize and specifically target individual people according to age, brand or service preference. There is no local competitor who is providing this service as comprehensive & part of integrated marketing campaign. BuzzAlly is unique in many ways than similar startup. It runs on SaaS model with inbuilt marketing campaign template where the user can select a pre-built template and execute the campaign.


In Bangladesh, several mobile phone users- like students and low-income people prefer a missed call over an actual phone call. People also use it for non-advertising purposes, like letting a friend know you’ve arrived to pick them up. BuzzAlly is a marketing and engagement service that helps brands to connect with end-users over a missed call. Phone numbers are placed on billboards and in ads. Consumers opt into ads by dialing a number and hanging up before the call connects. The customer will then receive text messages or calls or IVR with ads in them i.e. in BuzzAlly admin panel you can select a number to run your missed call based campaigns. When a person gives a missed call to this number the system reacts with a return SMS or an IVR Call or a Callback service. The output is the creation of the connection.

We spoke to AbirMazumder,  Co-Founder of BuzzAlly  to find out more about BuzzAlly and his journey at GP Accelerator.


‘We applied for GP Accelerator to work in the startup ecosystem, work in a structure and have high-level mentors. Team collaboration is the best thing in GP Accelerator.’ he said.

The ‘Grameenphone Accelerator‘, powered by SD ASIA, is an initiative to help local tech startups with the resources they need to build and grow their businesses. Through seed funding, workspace in GP House, expert mentors and a weighty set of contacts, the GP Accelerator aims to help local entrepreneurs succeed and scale up their ambitions. Although it’s a new step for Grameenphone, the telecom operator is excited to work with local entrepreneurs।




You can already guess that BuzzAlly has a great future.  BuzzAlly is backed by the same group of people who built Beatnik and have been managing over 55+ brands. All these implyBuzzAlly is already built on existing market knowledge and advertising practices.

Already GP Accelerator teams have passed 1 month in GPHouse. Startup teams had the chance to meet the Managing Director of Bikroy Mr. Martin Malmström,. During the introductory session, he talked about managing an early stage startup, office culture, team building and HR.

Abir also mentioned the expert mentor sessions. ” I think mentor sessions are really helpful for a startup to scale their business. We have learned so many things from the bikroy experts. Right now BuzzAlly aims to leverage this service as marketing’, he added.

BuzzAlly provides an advanced analytics to know about different customers for business purpose.They have set a vision for the next six months. They want to build the beta version and run at least 10 campaigns by the next 6 months.


Tousif Alam