Week In Review: SD Asia’s Top 3 Articles From Last Week

Every day, we at SD Asia work hard to bring you the best startup, entrepreneurship, business and tech news from Bangladesh, from Asia and around the world. There are times when we hear of news that holds us in awe, or times when our review lists have created a storm. More importantly, we try to inspire the Bangladeshi startups first. Sometimes we deliver some advice pieces for the entrepreneurs and tech lovers.

Without further delay, here are our top 3 articles from last week.

1.Protect Data And Ensure Business Stability While Storing Information In The Cloud


Most organizations are in the process of embracing the cloud as a part of their data storage and protection strategy. Very soon a ‘no-cloud’ policy would be so unusual in the corporate culture. Companies can benefit from lower storage costs, and save lots of time to manage under-utilized infrastructure. Besides it will help professional to keep up with the changing needs of the business by quickening the IT system. Though there are infinite advantages, yet risks lie while moving data into the data. There could be failure and accidents in the cloud too.

There are quite some issues with the cloud. After the recent Amazon Web Services outage in Australia paralyzing companies for hours, it is clear that cloud could be faulty. The consequences could be very severe as companies are not allowed to access business critical data and applications.


2.Use Social-Media Marketing As Part Of Your SEO Strategy


Social media is a channel where you can make so many new connections. You can connect with influencers who has a huge number of followers and also with external publication who might publish your content as a guest post. If you are able to attract users within these two groups- you can easily get a huge number of audiences and increase your influence. Social media campaign can play a great role in improving your search rankings and let you earn more diversified SEO opportunities.

3.Factors Potential Acquirers Care About Most


Companies that are in the process of purchasing a startup do not take the decision instantaneously. As a startup, you need to have a regular conversation with acquirers to figure out what matters to them. You need to well understand their mindset so that you can grab their attention.

Here are top three issues any potential acquirers care about most-

Tousif Alam