Indonesia Could Be Asia’s Next Big E-Commerce Market

Among all the Asian countries Indonesia is currently presenting more opportunities. By 2020 this country has a projected market just behind China and India. The estimated annual growth rate is 50% and there is a strong mobile-first initiative here which is giving the retailers an amazing chance to focus on developing mobile platforms.  This is creating more and more prospects in the e-market and especially in the consumer packaged goods sector. Indonesia is Asia’s one of the foremost mobile-first nations and over 70% of Indonesia’s internet traffic is originated through mobile devices. Besides Indonesia’s mobile Facebook usage rate is the highest with 63 million users in 2015.

Recently Indonesia has got many startups coming up and a good number of them got impressive funds. HijUp recently closed a second seven-figure seed funding round from investors. Tokopedia has raised a $100milion round led by Softbank and Sequoia Capital.

Indonesians do not just rely on mass retailers for their purchasing decision. This is giving scopes to the e-market segment to turn into a `competition. This along with the high usage of mobile devices and social media is turning Indonesia to be Asia’s next biggest e-commerce market.

To push things faster Indonesia needs to focus on online payments. They are yet very cautious about e-payment, and the change would bring humongous growth to the e-commerce sector. Besides, the country has a weak infrastructure and poor logistic system. This can be improved and turn into a key strength in e-commerce.

Indonesia has huge prospects and certain untapped sectors need to be taken care of. The mobile usage and spread of social media added to the improvement of e-payment and the infrastructure, the country would simply turn to the next big e-commerce market.

SD Asia Desk