Tripooly: Travel Simplified

Imagine not having to go from one travel agency to another to find a travel deal or the cheapest airfare. Wouldn’t it be great to have a single platform where you can find jaw-dropping Tour packages, Airfare, Visa assistance, Cruise deals, Medical tourism, Corporate travel deals, Leisure & Honeymoon deals or even customized deals at affordable prices. Tripooly aims to be your “One-Stop-Travel Shop”. You can compare and discover mind-blowing travel deals from multiple travel agencies, easily pay online with your credit or debit card, mobile banking or pay in cash.

The idea of creating such a platform for Bangladeshi traveler first came to Rafi Mustafa, one of the co-founders of Bangladesh’s premium fashion e-commerce site It has been identified as one of the top 10 startups in Bangladesh by Tech In Asia (Asia’s largest tech/startup news portal). Having lived in Australia & Europe most of his life, Rafi has travelled around the globe (62 cities and counting) and would like to inspire others to do the same. Upon returning to Bangladesh, two years ago, Rafi realized, one still had to go through the age old method of going from agency to agency or search multiple Facebook pages for the best deal.

‘In Bangladesh, everybody looks for travel packages, which are often not customizable and poorly-priced’ – Rafi Mustafa

Rafi’s family has been involved in the travel industry for the past 28 years. During his time as a Director at his family business, Rafi has learned the ins-and-outs of this business. And, it was time for Rafi to combine his passion for traveling with his experiences and create a single platform –!

‘I realized the importance of creating travel packages that are in line with people’s need. For example Cruise trips, which are normally assumed to be very expensive, are actually not that pricey! There’s a tiny unexplored customer base for it but the package needs to be presented in the right way.’ – Rafi Mustafa

So, how will Tripooly simplify traveling?

In Bangladesh, regardless – if you plan to travel internally or go overseas, one usually has to go through the agonizing process of finding the right deal from multiple travel agencies. The whole process is pretty time-consuming and painful in nature. Moreover, most online travel deals are non-customizable. Tripooly wants to simplify that process by curating the most amazing online deals for you on its platform. All you have to do is – tell Tripooly your budget and the places you want to visit–and let Tripooly take care of your worries.

For example: Suppose you have 30K (BDT) and craving to travel somewhere within Bangladesh or abroad–let’s say, Saint Martin, or Bhutan. With Tripooly, all you have to do is mention your budget and the duration of your stay. Tripooly will act as your personal travel concierge and find the right deal for you! Your “Tripooly Travel Consultant” will search through their pool of amazing deals and recommend the right travel deal.

‘Traveling should be available for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, or a businessman, or a seasoned traveler, as long as you have the passion for traveling, you are a Tripooly customer’ – Rafi Mustafa

So, is Tripooly a competitor to the existing Travel agencies?

Not at all. Tripooly is basically another sales platform for existing travel agencies. Travel agencies in Bangladesh have been developing this market for the last 40+ years and Tripooly wants to be part of that exciting market. Any existing travel agency in Bangladesh or abroad are welcome to showcase their travel deals on Tripooly’s platform.

‘We don’t see the existing travel agencies as our competitors; we see them more as our business partners’. – Rafi Mustafa

“Seeing this beautiful world” is in everyone’s bucket list. Tripooly aims to inspire us – To Travel. And they want to do this by simplifying traveling! There are incredible places around the world and traveling will only deepen your understanding of the world as a whole. Traveling introduces you to new cultures, amazing food, wonderful people, but most importantly it inflames your passion of living a life full of adventure. So, start your adventure with Tripooly and let them take of your next holiday.

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