GP Accelerator Selects Its First Batch

Last October (2015), Grameenphone partnered with SD ASIA to launch the ‘GP Accelerator’ to search for 5 talented tech startups in Bangladesh to accelerate. After a rigorous process of reading through hundreds of startup applications, face-to-face interviews, and demo presentations, the GP Accelerator team selected the top five startups to participate in the program.

‘The process of selecting five best startups was a very challenging task, not because there were too many applicants which we had to scan through, but because there were too many good startups to choose from,’ said Mustafiz R Khan, CEO of SD ASIA.

The Top 5 startups that will be joining the GP Accelerator program, starting from February are as follows:


Ennovision Limited is a web design company that serves as the one-stop solution for businesses looking to create a solid online presence through their websites. Ennovision aims to help Bangladeshi businesses replace their poorly designed websites with beautiful and user-friendly templates, allowing them to showcase the products or services globally in a more presentable manner.


Kandy is an intelligent personalization mobile advertising application that puts delightful content on users’ lock screens, and time-saving tools, giving a useful lock screen experience.

Share Inc.:

Share is a carpooling application, looking to disrupt the way people commute around Dhaka city. Through its mobile application, it allows its users to carpool in a safe, social networking setup while saving time and money.


SHEBA is a service platform for solving day-to-day household problems. It aims to make your daily life hassle-free by ensuring services from skilled professionals, providing services such as electrical repair, home appliance repair, plumbing, security solutions, Wi-Fi solution, and more.


REPTO – Education Center is an Online Course Marketplace, where you can create courses with state-of-the-art web tools and sell your courses online. Since it is open for all, REPTO has a huge collection of paid and free courses. By using REPTO’s platform, you can learn whatever you like and boost your career or knowledge.

The first and foremost important reason to apply GP Accelerator is getting mentorship and learning how to market and scale our product to a large user base.’- Siddiq Abu Bakkar, CEO of Kandy.


Grameenphone’s Chief Strategy Officer, Erlend Prestgard, was very pleased with the final five. “I think that the choice of selecting five start-ups is a great way to kick off this initiative. Today we are open to explore in areas where companies like Grameenphone previously hesitated to participate. The time for “big telecom” is over – we now want to partner with the future of Bangladesh. This is one of the ways we intend to do this, and we find it fascinating exercise. We see ourselves as a part of the ecosystem, and we hope that we together with SD Asia can significantly contribute to the future of these start-ups.”

GP Accelerator, a four-month business boot camp, will provide extensive training and resources to these startups, allowing them to build their businesses quicker than they could otherwise in the same amount of time. Through seed funding of over 10 lakh, workspace in GP House, expert mentors and a weighty set of contacts, the GP Accelerator aims to help these startup entrepreneurs succeed and scale up. At the end of the program, the startups will get a chance to showcase their products or services in a demo day, which will take place in May 2016.

SD Asia Desk