Start-up India, Stand-up India Campaign, For the Change India Entrepreneurs Needed

Written By: Labiba N.

PM Modi introduced a new campaign ‘Start-up India, Stand-up India’ to promote bank financing for start-ups and create incentives for possible future entrepreneurs which will lead to job creations. The initiative will formally be launched on January 16th and higher educational institutes will participate through online connectivity, including large institutes like Indian Institutes for technology, Indian Institutes of Management.

On the 69th Independence Day, he mentioned, “We are looking at systems for enabling start-ups. We must be number one in start-ups… Start-up India; Stand up India.” Additionally, he stated that the programme will be designed in manner that facilitates the needs of the country. It’s wrong to assume that the assets of knowledge were combined to some cities and light of opportunities won’t reach elsewhere. All the biggest names in the world of start-ups and venture capital investing are expected to attend this initiative on January 16th.

There are 1.25lakh bank branches in India and each of them should encourage at least one Dalit or tribal entrepreneur and at least one entrepreneur. Under different schemes around Rs.40,000 crore has been transferred directly to beneficiary bank accounts and this will be extended.

Within the past 5 years 80% of the jobs were created by start-ups. With Indian youths’ motivated and innovative mindsets, start-ups will be responsible for even more percentage of jobs in the future. That is, if they receive the proper financial assistance and that is what the Prime Minister hopes to change with the Start-up India, Stand-up India campaign, providing necessary resources to people who need it and helping them mould it into an incredible opportunity for themselves and India. If the campaign is successful, India will be a country of job creators and will finally reach the level of economic solvency it has always hoped to reach.


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