15 Startups That Caught Our Eye In 2015

Whoever said, 2015 would be a great year for Bangladeshi startups, can now relax and say—Oh! Yeah, I was right. During 2015, we saw the launch of GP Accelerator, country’s biggest accelerator program for startups; we saw VC firms like Fenox venture officially entering into Bangladesh’s startup scene, and the government finally starting to work on country’s first Software Technology Park—and a lot more exciting news on tech and startups. With all this going on, we saw tons of startups launching their businesses in hopes to do something different, or raise funding, or simply to just ramp-up the market competition.

At first we, at SD ASIA, wanted to do an article titled ‘Top 15 Bangladeshi Startups of 2015’, based on funding raised by the startups. But, after some initial research, we found it somewhat impossible to make such a list of startups—it’s just, Bangladesh’s startup ecosystem is still not developed enough to do that kind of listing yet. Anyhow, we decided to abandon all that commotion regarding funding and focused on criteria that are easy to follow and unbiased enough to publish on our platform.

Our selected criteria were:
–    The startup was launched in 2015
–    The Startup falls in any of the following categories: Travel, Logistics, Medical, Service, Education, Tech, Search Engline, E-commerce, and Event Management

By the way, we also looked at the startups’ Facebook ratings, the number of existing members/followers, and likes on pages as indications of their engagement in the social media site. So, here we go—these are the 15 startups that caught our eye in 2015.


Category: Logistics



Launched: January 2015

Facebook Page: 8,944 Likes


GO! TRAFFIC is an app made by GObd.co. that actively collects data about the traffic from various parts of Dhaka city and highlights them in three different colors – Green (smooth traffic), Yellow (slow but moving) and Red (jammed). The app was launched by founders Farhan Rahman, Qasim Rana and Swagata Prateek.


2. TaxiWala

Launched: January 2015

Facebook Page: 13,157 Likes


TaxiWala is the solution for the transport crisis for the citizens of Dhaka. TaxiWala is a smartphone app that you allows you to order taxis. You can also select how many passengers are with you and get a quote of the fare. TaxiWala has been fully operational for the past 6 months and is Bangladesh’s first taxi booking smartphone application.



Launched: May 2015

Facebook Page: 1,07,4934 Likes

Facebook Rating: 4.0/5


CHALO Technologies Ltd, better known as simply CHALO is a transport service which provides car on demand of customers and always looks to ensure the highest level of quality in terms of customer service, safety, and comfort.

For making the experience more user-friendly, CHALO has launched a mobile app “Chalo Passenger” for those who are always on the go and can instantly get passengers get a taxi under less than 30 minutes. Passengers can use the app to request for a transport at any time and from anywhere.


4. Pathao

Launched: November 2015

Facebook Page: 2,609 Likes

Facebook Rating: 4.6/5


Pathao is the most technologically advanced logistics provider in Dhaka. Their highly trained, decentralized, fleet of bicycle-based couriers can ensure the most efficient order fulfillment. By leveraging proprietary technology, they provide top-notch service at rock-bottom prices.


Category: Search Engine


5. Chorki

Launched: May 2015

Facebook Page: 44,664 Likes

Facebook Rating: 4.6/5


Chorki is a Bangladeshi search engine, which incorporates local psychology, culture, and lifestyle in its platform. Launched in May (2015), startup Chorki’s mission is to create a search engine for Bangladeshi people and content. Chorki also wants to help local entrepreneurs to start and promote their businesses online.


6. Khujun

Launched: January 2015

Facebook Page: 244 Likes


Khujun.com – is a vertical search engine for Bangladesh – is a venture from its founder Nurul Ferdous. It helps searching content from a list of Bangladesh specific websites. Khujun.com has been running for 11 months and hopes to become the premier search engine of Bangladesh for local news, contents, and jobs.


Category: Medical


7. Doctorola

Launched: October 2015

Facebook Page: 1,80,510 likes

Facebook Rating: 4.4/5


Doctorola.com is the first doctor and medical services appointment platform in Bangladesh. Through its online and call-center-based platform, users can easily find a doctor practicing around their neighborhood anywhere in the country. Doctorola has recently received investment from a Bangladeshi Venture Capital firm – BD Venture Ltd.


Category: E-commerce



8. Zuumzuum

Launched: July 2015

Facebook Page: 19,916 Likes

Facebook Rating: 4.7/5


Identified as one of the top 10 startups in Bangladesh by Tech In Asia, ZuumZuum is an exclusively fashion and lifestyle based eCommerce platform. ZuumZuum aspires to be a brand that people can trust with everything related to fashion. It is a one-stop fashion solution for people who are seeking branded clothing and accessories in Bangladesh, while allowing both mainstream and non-mainstream designers and labels to get access to the online market through the platform.


Category: Service


9. Handymama

Launched: June 2015

Facebook Page: 2,576 Likes

Facebook Review Rating: 4.5/5


Handymama was launched by its founder Shah Paran in June 2015. HandyMama is the pioneering web and mobile based platform that connects the users with different verified professionals like cleaner, electrician and plumber to get their important household tasks done in the most efficient way. For their great initiative, Handymama has received funding from Fenox Venture.


10. SmartKompare

Launched: June 2015

Facebook Page: 1,631 Likes


SmartKompare is a Bangladeshi startup, which runs an online platform where Bangladeshi people can compare different financial products. SmartKompare helps to find the proper deal that captures the need of the customers. The startup currently initiates personal loans association services, credit cards comparison, home loans, car loans, and insurance services.


Category: Event Management


11. Jetechao

Launched: August 2015

Facebook Page: 5,213 Likes


JeteChao is a new platform for events – where you can find out what’s happening in Dhaka every day. The platform provides a list of events and details about those events and how to get there. JeteChao also hosts events ranging from arts and entertainment events like concerts, exhibitions, fairs and festivals to professional events such as hackathons, workshops and seminars.


Category: Education


12. REPTO – Education Center

Launched: June 2015

Facebook Page: 3,363 Likes


REPTO – Education Center is an Online Course Marketplace. Where anybody can create courses with state of the art course creation web tools and sell their courses. Since it is open for all instructors hence REPTO has huge collection of paid and free courses. Therefore, in this platform anybody can learn whatever they like and boost their career and knowledge through their text and video tutorials.


13. SheiBoi.com

Launched: January 2015

Facebook Page: 32,061 Likes


SheiBoi.com is an online e-book library for Bangla books that lets  users create their own online library. Recently, the startup has launched their mobile app for IOS and Android platform. The app also lets users create notes, bookmark, and highlight the books. Users can download the books after completing the registration process and access the books on their mobile devices from anywhere around the world.


Category: Tech


14. Appbajar

Launched: November 2015

Facebook Page: 3,282 Likes


Bangladesh android users face a lot of difficulties when they buy paid apps from Google Play Store. Meanwhile, app developers face difficulties in recovering money that they earn by selling their apps in the platform. Through Appbajar, both users and app developers can overcome those challenges. Currently, it’s one of the leading mobile app development companies in Bangladesh. So, far it has developed 350+ apps for Android, iOS, and Blackberry platform. Its main clients are from USA, UK and other European countries.


15. Madviser:

Launched: May 2015

Facebook Page: 3,806 Likes


Madviser specializes in developing mobile applications along with web development activities. They have competence in graphic designing along with a strong foothold in developing all sorts of software as well. Moreover, Madviser mobile app helps users to avoid ‘Extra Mobile Bills!’ by finding the best plans and offers for users. Madviser has won the best app prize in an international competition called Seedster World’s Dhaka leg held on 14 November last year.


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