Year In Review: SD ASIA’s Top 12 Articles Of 2015

Last year was very much significant for SD ASIA. Not only the contents but also the events were successful. More importantly ‘GP Accelerator’ powered by SD ASIA launched last year. ‘GP Accelerator’ is the 4 month GP Accelerator program is offering your tech startup 10+lac in Seed Funding, Mentorship, Office Space and an Investor Demo Day.

Throughout the entire year, SD Asia team work hard to bring you the best news on startup, entrepreneurship, business and tech from Bangladesh, Asia and around the world. There are times when we hear of news that holds us in awe, or times when our review lists have created a storm. We try to publish our best writing pieces focused on the Entrepreneurial eco-system and technology. Many of the articles crossed the thousand views bar. We feel proud when the readers talk about our news and events. With your support, we hope to continue to do more.

Here we list the top 12 articles from last year. (Please click the links to see the full news)


  1. Inspirational Individuals to follow In 2015 in Bangladesh (January)


In the startup and Entrepreneurship scene in Dhaka, there have been many individuals who have made huge impacts. These people have done much to bring about boosts and attention to the concerned environment. They have promoted women entrepreneurship, e-commerce, taken initiatives to reduce barriers and so on. Some are social entrepreneurs who live to make positive changes. But their activites have not stopped as of yet. They are continuing to promote and be a boon to the local startup culture and have the potential to do a lot more.

Here is SD Asia’s list of people to look out for in 2015.

2. 17 Year Old Duo Brings ‘TaxiWala’ To Your Phone ( February)


One of the biggest reasons for Dhaka’s infamy as a place to live in is daily transportation problems. For a very long time, Dhaka commuters found themselves with all sorts of difficulties commuting to and from home each day. More often than not, one will find himself hanging off the door handles on buses too crowded and unsafe, or find himself haggling with CNG Drivers, who are sadly quite selective about destination (and also the fares), unlike the meters. People are always on the go, and not everyone has private transportation taking them everywhere. There is always a need for readily available and secure transportation facilties. Where all else is out of reach, why fret when you could simply book a taxi with a touch of your fingers?

Two school students Osama Maqsood and Faraj Rahman are looking to bring you exactly that very soon. full news


3. Can Bangladesh become a Startup Nation? (March)


The outlook for the 21st century is going to be increasingly defined by the emerging markets in Asia. However, in stark contrast to its neighboring counterparts – India and China, Bangladesh, currently a factor driven economy, is barely hanging onto the lower rungs of the global competitive index. The obstacles lie in grossly inefficient systems, bureaucratic red tape and political turmoil. However, even with the status quo Bangladesh has strived to maintain a commendable GDP rate of ~6%.

The opportunities and the answers lie with the expanding private sector especially the SME/Startup business segment. Given the right business models and global best practice adoption Bangladesh can lubricate its way forward. Full Article


4.WowBox- Get Free Data & More With This Amazing App(April)

Inside look of the WowBox App.

If you are a Grameenphone user under Bondhu package you can get interesting offers and rewards! A Bondhu user can claim 20MB of free data everyday, get special offers and rewards, and buy discounted data plans and products. You can download it here.
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5. 10 Most Popular Bangladeshi Journalists (May)


Many of us can’t start our day without reading a newspaper. Others can’t sleep without finding out what’s going on in Bangladesh and around the world. This article is dedicated to the people behind the news – the journalists – who work hard to keep us updated and informed of our surroundings. Full Article


6.Coolest University Campuses in Dhaka(June)


University campuses are those places where we spend an important chunk of our lives. From attending classes, to mingling with friends and having food, university campuses encompass all the “feels”. It is a seminal place with which almost all university students have an emotional attachment. Its presence surely has an impact of the mental schema of them. Coolest campuses stand out from the crowd not necessarily by virtue of technology but also by virtue of a multitude of factors.

7. The Five Men’s Fashion Trends You Don’t Want To Miss Out(July)

zuumzuum fashion blackj

“Everyone has a best feature, so find clothes and accessories to accentuate those.”- Tim Gunn. A good attire can either make or break the first impression you make. It never hurts to have that extra boost of confidence when you’re dressed well and you feel good. Whether it’s a business meeting, or a friendly coffee chat or a big date, dressing for the occasion matters. So without further ado, here are a few men’s fashion trends you don’t want to miss out on!Full article

8. What Can Bangladesh Make Out Of Japan’s Recent Interests And Trends?(August)


Japan’s Interest In ASEAN countries

Japan’s renewed interest in ASEAN is shown by the 120 percent increase in Japanese investment to reach nearly $24 billion according to a 2014 JETRO report. About 58% of Japan’s FDI is directed toward the four largest ASEAN economies. Japan is the largest source of foreign capital for Thailand and Indonesia and second-largest in the Philippines and Malaysia.

Currently Japanese companies’ preferred regional headquarters are Malaysia and Singapore. However, they have faced several challenges in these countries as well such as cultural differences, business practices, logistical issues and political problems.Full Article

9. Free Wi-Fi in Train for the first time (September)


The Dhaka-Chittagong bound passengers in intercity trains found some respite amidst the mad rush for getting home during Eid-ul-Azha.

It’s free Wi-Fi!

This is for the first time inter-city train passengers are being connected with the world at free of cost! Full Article 


10. What Is The Grameenphone Accelerator? (October)


Grameenphone is a household word. ‘Startup’ isn’t.

Your grandfather may have started using WhatsApp on his new smartphone, but our parents aren’t yet jumping for joy at the news that we’re quitting our jobs to join or start a startup.

The Grameenphone Accelerator is a call to change that, and more.

A new Bangladesh, decades in the making, has emerged. It’s an international Bangladesh. A Bangladesh that has seen the world. Millions have travelled abroad for manpower and come back. They have ingrained their global experiences into the local context. Farmers have worked with international NGOs. Export industries deal with international best practises, global standards, communications and compliance. Freelancers all over Bangladesh are selling software to Europe, America, Australia, you name it.

Bangladesh knows the world, and the world knows Bangladesh.

Full Article

11. You Don’t Need Internet To Chat Anymore (November)


FireChat is the messaging app that works when no other app can. When Internet access or cellular phone networks are not available or congested, communications apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter simply cannot work – but FireChat can. FireChat has built on a new technology, called peer to peer mesh networking that connects phones directly with one another using the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios that are already in our smartphones. The business and social implications of this new technology are far-reaching, and FireChat has chosen Asia as their target market. Full Article


12. Amar Sticker: First Bangla Sticker App In The World. (December)


Stickers are small, colorful illustrations or animations of characters that one can use to convey emotion, make messaging fun and add personality while communicating online. Internet stickers originated in Japan in 2011 by a Korean company Naver, when they began developing Line. Since then, the adoption and usage of stickers have grown and become more visible on more messaging services and social networks. Full Article

Tousif Alam