TaxiWala: Bangladesh’s First Taxi Booking App

One of the biggest reasons for Dhaka’s infamy as a place to live in is daily transportation problems. For a very long time, Dhaka commuters found themselves with all sorts of difficulties commuting to and from home each day. More often than not, one will find himself hanging off the door handles on buses too crowded and unsafe, or find himself haggling with CNG Drivers, who are sadly quite selective about the destination (and also the fares), unlike the meters.TaxiWala – created by two school students Osama Maqsood and Faraj Rahman – is the solution for the transport crisis for the citizens of Dhaka, Bangladesh.The crisis being the lack of available modern, clean and safe taxis in Dhaka city.

TaxiWala is a smartphone app that allows you to order taxis. You can also select how many passengers can the ride with you and get a quote of the fare. TaxiWala provides the taxi firms with an admin panel, which monitors and sends the nearest taxi to the pick-up location. A fixed amount is charged per booking made through the app or the website. TaxiWala is targeting customers who not only use taxis but also those who are afraid to due to the conditions of the old taxis. The founders hope to work with firms who provide safe and clean taxis and also attract tourists as they usually have to rent cars to get around Dhaka which is quite expensive.

TaxiWalais now functioning and fully operational for the past 6 months and is Bangladesh’s first taxi booking smartphone application for Android and iOS devices. They have received a total of 10,000 USD in funding from private investors. TaxiWala currently has a total of 1,500 downloads for both IOS and Android devices.

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