Startup Flymya Reaps Benefits From Myanmar’s Tourism Growth

Myanmar is the mecca for tourists all over the world, today. However, the tourism industry in Myanmar wasn’t always flourishing like it is today. Since Myanmar opened up its economy in 2010, post-dictatorship, the country’s business and tourism have been on the rise. Myanmar is expecting 4.5 million foreign visitors this year, 46 percent higher than last year’s 3.08 million. Add to that some 2.4 million Burmese who fly domestically at least once every year. Myanmar-born entrepreneur Mike Than Tun Win predicted this surge of tourists into Myanmar, and he acted on this prediction.

Mike brought Flymya to life, this June. Flymya is set to be the first and only one-stop site that will allow travelers to compare flight schedules and fares across the country. The service is currently only limited to the country’s 10 domestic airlines, and will allow customers to make bookings with just a few mouse clicks.

Flymya accepts all types of credit cards, along with Myanmar Payment Union, which is Myanmar’s only card payment system. Currently, payments can also be made via Paypal. The site delivers the tickets to the customers, via email. Flymya charges 5-10 percent of the ticket price, and has a customer base all around the world.

Flymya prides themselves on their impeccable customer services. Mike says, “They [customers] can communicate with our English-proficient employees, who answer their emails within 24 hours. Customer support is a big problem in Myanmar because many of the travel agents do not work online and even if they have a website, they may take a week or two to reply to you. We pride ourselves on our service.”

Flymya also provides their customers with advice on air-fare, travel visa, or even medical vaccinations required for specific countries. They will soon offer hotel, tour and vehicle rental facilities to customers.

Mike expects Flymya to flourish even more. He believes that the industry will flourish with time, as the tourism industry will only grow from here. “We expect to reach US$1.5 million revenue during the first year of our operation, and we aim to achieve yearly revenue of US$15 million in five years’ time,” he told Tech in Asia. Flymya raised $1 million from angel investors this year. Mike plans to use this funding to introduce a 24/7 customer support system, exclusive travel programs, and budget for marketing.

Apart from Flymya, Mike co-founded luxury shopping site Shopmyar, consumer deals aggregator Inmya, and IT solutions firm BOD (Business Optimized Data).


Faez Mahdi