Jolkona Catalyst 2015: Fostering Entrepreneurs

If you want to learn about exciting prospective non-profit entrepreneurs, Jolkona Catalyst should be in your calendar already!

Jolkona is a non-profit that provides a channel of network for prospective social entrepreneurs from emerging countries to Seattle, USA. The non-profit provides an intensive 3-week mentor-driven accelerator. The entrepreneurs selected are asked to find solutions to challenging societal norms in their respective communities. The mentors who orchestrate the entire 3-week training program include some of Seattle’s best startup brains. These people work with the entrepreneurs to scale and engage with investors at home or abroad. Jolkona’s aim is to establish Seattle as a city that cultivates the global entrepreneurial spirit.

Jolkona Catalyst is an event where inspiring stories from 16 young entrepreneurs will be showcased. This is scheduled to be Jolkona’s first multi-country showcase with social leaders representing Bangladesh and Indonesia. People who attend the event will learn about innovative ventures that are aimed towards solving some of their country’s challenging problems. There will be 8 exciting entrepreneurs representing Bangladesh on the global startup scene. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, the 11th of November 2015.

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Faez Mahdi