Startup Pitch Battle At TIA Tokyo

Tech in Asia will be hosting the startup pitching session at 3 pm Tokyo time. The winner will bag US$10,000 as the prize money. Here is the list of 10 finalists.

1. Vibease (Singapore)

Vibease is the world’s first smart wearable vibrator (yes, you did not read that wrong). It can be synced to adult audio books for a responsive experience. Its technology is at the leading edge for sexual wellness devices.

2. Shakr (Korea)

Prides itself in lightning-fast video editing. They supply templates for SMB’s (or big corporations) to use. They already have thousands of templates and are growing faster than similar companies in this space.

3. Playbasis (Thailand)

Playbasis advises companies on how to gamify online and offline activities for greater production and sales. Companies can select from a variety of packages and get customized services.

4. Collegedunia (India)

Collegedunia gives advice and assistance to those going to college in India. It has grown to 1.5 million page views per month with no advertising. The platform has become a massive information portal with defendable persona relationships as well as SEO. By giving students the information they need and by helping colleges increase applications, they have been embraced by both key constituents.

5. Fast Media (Japan)

A simple app builder like Squarespace for websites. No coding is needed and the company will submit the app to Google/Apple on your behalf. It can easily turn any website into a mobile app, making sure that no business gets left behind on the worldwide shift to mobile.

6. (Japan)

An edtech firm that provides real-time tutoring. Edtech is highly competitive but Manabo is starting to pull away from the pack with an inexhaustible tutoring army and years of data to help students learn the right way.

7. Dot Incorporation (Korea)

Watch-like wearable device that can generate braille for people who are visually impaired. They can receive messages and emails while they are on the go. It’s slim, sleek design is a marked departure from the standard solutions which tend to be bulky and hard to carry.

8. Yukai Engineering (Japan)

The startup creates a variety of robotic devices – controllable cat ears being the cutest, and “Bocco” being the robot that is getting a massive amount of attention now. Bocco is a robot that can control any IoT device in your smart home while also functioning as a surrogate interface for human-to-human communication. Yukai has been kickstarted and bootstrapped and are in the thick of the robotics race in Japan.

9. Yoyo Holdings (Philippines)

Yoyo Holdings is a reward platform for mobile data plans. It has attained first place in several Southeast Asia markets thanks to an unobtrusive data lock screen and data partnerships with many top ranked telecommunication firms.

SD ASIA is the media partner and is covering the event from Tokyo. It will announce winner later today.

Mustafizur Rahman Khan