SmartKompare – Financial Comparison Made Easier!

By Sraban Roy, Writer, Riddle Scribble

SmartKompare is a Bangladeshi startup. It is the online place where Bangladeshi people compare the financial products. SmartKompare helps to find the proper deal that captures the need of the customers. Resourceful information concerning all existing financial products on Bangladeshi market is analyzed by SmartKompare. SmartKompare exhibits impartial assessments and much efficient substance for financial products, which include bank loans, credit cards, saving accounts and investments. One can log on to and get all the necessary information to compare and apply for financial products with almost no difficulty and effort

The startup is currently initiated personal loans association and soon to launch credit cards comparison, home loans, car loans or insurance, process it and they present it in a comprehensible and clear style. It reveals all the unseen hitches, so that one can formulate the best policy. In addition, it interprets the technical financial terms into simple, easy to read language.

Mahbub E Elahi Ron is the co founder of SmartKompare. According to him when the people are required to know the necessary information about banking terms and financial products, they can’t find it because the banks and the other financial institutes infrequently update information. This is where SmartKompare plays a vital role. SmartKompare provides all the necessary information about banking, financial products and offers comparison service for personal loan. Deposits, credit cards, insurances, home, car loans, SME loans are soon to be added in the future.

Recently in ‘Pitch Night for Founder Institute Graduate’Mahbub E Elahi Ron received investment from the international venture capitalist firm, Fenox Capital. Five graduates who went through 3 months of training under Founder Institute were each given the opportunity to pitch their startups in front of judges and investors. After the pitching in front of judges and investors, Shah Paran of HandyMama and Mahbub E Elahi Ron of SmartKompare were chosen to receive investment. They were handed $15,000.

At present, SmartKompare’s offers are classified into three main segments. They are comparison service, inquiry and application service and educational content. The comparison service offers one the most updated banking and insurance products and services of the country. The service is available 24 hours a day. The inquiry and application service of the site is very direct. With the help of the SmartKompare one can reach out for the desired financial products without going to the bank. All inquires and requests are accurately treated by the SmartKompare team. The team determines the most appropriate item and contacts the customer. The site also offers educational content. It presents instructive resources and sheds light on the misunderstanding concept of banking products. The SmartKompare blogs and articles are there for the widespread information. All the services of the site are available 24 hours a day and it is free of charge.

SmartKompare acts as a bridge. It processes the client’s reviews with the banks that offer the most appropriate services. The website doesn’t have any affiliation with any banks in the country. SmartKompare is a fully-registered company and is overseen by the acts of Bangladesh.Any crucial data submitted to SmartKompare are handled by the internal team and seen only by the banks selected by the clients. SmartKompare strongly support the customer’s privacy. Thus it keeps all the data private and confidential to prevent them from any misuse in any way.

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