New DW channel targets youth audience

Dorothee Ulrichs, Head of Distribution, Asia, of German broadcasting channel Deutsche Well (DW) believes Bangladesh is a country with lots of ‘happening’.

“South Asia, especially Bangladesh is a very exciting place to be as the youth here are very active in all areas”, she said.

DW, Germany’s international broadcaster, last week announced its new presence here in Dhaka with a modern and interactive channel with 24 hours of programming in English with a focus on news and regional content for Asia.
“We want to cover the region in a more in depth-way- about its crisis, success stories”, she said adding that the region has plenty of both of those.
She said that the new DW offers a unique perspective that is especially valued by local business and opinion leaders, and DW news will now provide them with insights into international headlines and the details behind regional issues.

“We are particularly focusing on the young generation who wants to get trendy news and in depth analysis”, she said.

Ulrichs said that because of the social media and participatory journalism, the news structure has changed over time. “The new generation wants trendy news with focus on technologies and business startups. The new DW will address their need”, she said.
She also said that for a better understanding of the local news content, she would be happy to go for partnership and co-production and encouraged independent journalists to contribute to the TV channel. She said they will increase the areas and suggested all to give them a bit of time.

“The cornerstone of the new channel is of course the DW News, which covers all the top stories from Europe and the world, along with a programming focus on regional news and events from Asia”.

But along with DW news, the new channel features a variety of documentaries, talk shows and programmes covering culture and lifestyle. “This will surely grab the attention of our viewers especially the younger generations”, she said.
DW’s new channel is available on all major cable networks in Bangladesh including United Communications Services and the first-ever DTH platform in Bangladesh operated by Beximco Communications Limited that will begin service at the beginning of 2016.

Faisal Mahmud