Taiga Matsuyama Is Coming To Speak At Tech In Asia Tokyo 2015!

Since the late 90s, investing legend Taiga Matsuyama has played an important role in recognizing & supporting winning startups in Japan. He has been a guide to many billionaire founders and young entrepreneurs across Japan.
Taiga’s contribution to the Bit Valley Association, one of the biggest gathering events for Japanese internet startups, is undeniable. Bit Valley revolutionized Tokyo’s startup ecosystem by connecting young net-startups to international VC firms and governmental organizations.
Currently, Taiga is a partner at East Ventures. He is also the founder of Kronos Fund—a venture capital fund for early-state companies—which has invested in more than 20 companies. In the past, he was one of the board member of NetAge, Inc(IPO 2006)–a startup incubator.
Taiga has an impressive track record for investing in front-runner companies, like Mixi, Gumi and Mercari. While he was just in college, he helped Taizo Son to get Yahoo Japan off the ground.
At Tech In Asia Tokyo 2015, Takafumi Horie, one of Japan’s most renowned entrepreneurs, is going to sit down with Taiga Matsuyama to discuss the promising next generation of Japanese hardware.

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