21 Secrets Behind Content That Goes Viral

Originally published on All Top Startups

What makes content go viral? It’s a tough question. But the truth is, some writers are good at creating content that get shared hundreds if not thousands of times. What’s their secret? Do they know something you don’t? Yes! They do!

The infographic below exposes the secret behind content that goes viral. It shows the absolute BEST time to publish blog posts to maximize traffic and social shares (backed by science).

And it also reveals how to increase your headline click-through-rate by 38% (this is based on an analysis of 3 million headlines). You will also find out exactly how to apply this scientific research to get more traffic to every blog post that you publish.

These secrets are based on research from the University of Pennsylvania, Nielsen Norman Group, Microsoft among others.

Here’s the highlights:

1. In-depth, well-researched articles packed with insights are most likely to do well.

(Amazing, right? Who doesn’t like useful long form posts backed by research).

2. Content that evoked high arousal emotions—positive or negative—is more viral than content without emotion. 

(What’s a high-arousal emotion? Think awe, anger, anxiety, or anything related to the fear of loss)

3. Practically useful content get’s shared.

(That makes sense, right? People like sharing practically useful content to help out their fans and friends)


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