In Conversation With Tareen Hossain

By Sraban Roy Oarko, Writer, Riddle Scribble  

Tareen Hossain is the Executive Director of the daily Ittefaq and Executive editor of and

Tell us a little bit about your career in print / digital media.

Daily Ittefaq has been in my family for 65 years- my grandfather- the late Tofazzal Hossain “Manik Miah’ was the founding Editor. Today my father is the longest running Editor of a newspaper in Bangladesh. It is an honor to work under his guidance and learn on the job.  I never planned a career in media; I grew up in it and into it.

With the constant changes in the social structure of our country, women empowerment is crucial. What’s your take regarding the context?

Many women are holding executive positions in Bangladesh now and it’s a great feeling to be a part of the changing landscape of Bangladesh. These are exciting times to be here because we are part of a transition. Great things are happening in Bangladesh now and I am excited to be a part of it.

What are the obstacles you come across in your line of profession as the Executive Director of the daily Ittefaq and Executive editor of and

Working in one of the oldest institutions in our country, I face challenges everyday- mostly balancing the old and the new- while respecting the traditions of a historic newspaper like the Daily Ittefaq.

Media is one the fastest changing industries in the world so it can be tricky to balance this dichotomy of old and new- of holding on to the traditions without being left behind.

Luckily I have my father to remind me of the limits and boundaries! It’s important to have to be reminded because creativity knows no boundaries, yet at the Daily Ittefaq we incorporate changes while respecting our traditional background and heritage. It’s a very tricky balance to strike.


How do you overcome the common challenges that one faces while working as a journalist? 

You overcome the challenges by adjusting and compromising. It’s definitely a process!
I have to learn to work with people of a very different generation – a very emotional and sensitive generation- because Daily Ittefaq was the voice of the liberation of Bangladesh. I still work with people who represent that era- it is an extremely patriotic environment. I have to respect that and not bring about change too fast. It can be a very overwhelming feeling to be amongst history. I feel honored.


Journalism- Passion or work?          

I grew up in a journalistic household. My grandfather, my father, and my mother are all involved in media and publishing. Being Passionate is most important because your job should not feel like work.

Media is a 24/7 job but I don’t like to call it “work” because I love what I do. It’s in my blood and I am very fortunate to be able to follow my passion on a daily basis. I feel very fortunate to work at a historical publication such as the Daily Ittefaq and work under the guidance of some of the best people in this field.

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