LightCastle Data: Bringing Market Research At Your Fingertips

LightCastle Data, the latest product from the LightCastle Partners, is an online platform which allows companies to conduct consumer research in real time and take fast business decisions. If you have a new/existing business idea, and want consumer feedback on your product, concept, brand elements or pricing then register you company on LightCastle Data. You can choose a template from a rich repertoire of questionnaires and shoot out to your desired target respondents – based on age, gender, income level and location from an ever growing digital base.

LightCastle’s survey templates are equipped with algorithms–allowing you to view graphical illustration of customer responses in real time. You can assess the pros and cons of targeting specific market segments, find out unique characteristics of your target group, learn how to create value tailored to the needs of your market, and filter out multiple options to discern what matters most to your client.

Unlike other survey sites’, LightCastle’s template creators know: consumers’ minds are corresponding to colors, gamified, and attentive to arresting surveys—which lead to optimum results. Moreover, the respondents of the survey are registered via social media IDs, authenticated and reached out over time for longitudinal data analysis.

The user-friendly dashboard layout makes it easier for you to find out all the information you need in one place. The main goal of the site is to present decision makers with consumer behavior centric reports, which correlates with real-life macro-economic (economic, social, cultural, industry, etc.) data.

“Traditional survey methods are expensive and time consuming. In the age of internet it’s impractical to go from door-to-door to conduct surveys,” said Mr. Bijon Islam, the CEO of LightCastle Partners.

By using the LightCastle services you can gain an upper hand in the competitive market, minimize the risk of taking a new business decisions, and position your business in ways that are best desired. And not only is the process three to four times faster than traditional approaches but cost effective as well.

LightCastle Data is launched as a beta version this year with a LightCastle app to be launched soon.