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By Abdullah Al Muhsi, Writer, Riddle Scribble, the largest classified advertisements website, now ranks next to Facebook and Google in Bangladesh. Launched in 2012, has dedicated itself to both forms of advertisement: private and business. Recently, SDAsia had to chance to talk to Misha Ali, marketing director at

Misha Ali has background in digital marketing from various startups in New York as well as Ogilvy Interactive, the online division of a large ad agency.He has worked and lived in the US and Europe in the pharmaceutical sector Bangladesh. He is also the owner of two restaurants and owns his very own tech startup, Oi Khali. He joined just four months back.

In an interview, Misha Ali tells us about the come about of “Our mission is to build leading online marketplaces in Bangladesh while creating sustainable value for the community. In this regard, is an online classified site which has given our customers access to second hand goods as well as setting up a transparent marketplace for them where market prices are dependent on supply and demand of goods, rather than artificial price fixing.  Our company began its operations 3 years ago, and very quickly became the largest online marketplace in Bangladesh,” says Misha Ali.

In the near future Bikroy.con will expand its value added services for its customers and business partners, and allow them to buy and sell goods more easily.  In this regard, has already launched ‘Bikroy Delivers’ within Dhaka, which allows their sellers to deliver their goods directly to the buyer through them, and thus increases the level of security for both parties. has earned name and recognition, and rightfully so, as distinguishes itself from classified advertising websites. allows a buyer to connect with thousands of sellers and vice versa, allowing transparent pricing.  In a traditional store, the buyer and seller are limited by the necessity to be physically present at the store. With their model, a seller can easily reach many more buyers around the country quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, their highly skilled customer service and fraud prevention teams are superior in the competition.

Contrary to popular belief, is and always has been a portrayed as a Bangladeshi website. The majority of the sites’ users are Bangladeshis, and since the website does not sell goods on its own, it means that Bangladeshis sell to other Bangladeshis. Furthermore, a significant portion of the company is Bangladeshi owned.

To promote many event activities have been planned, including, but not limited to their recently-ended #DeemParbeNa Charity Drive with the JAAGO Foundation, their Qurbani Cow Haat activity, and university outreach programs.

When asked about the initial aim of and to what extent has been successful, Misha Ali replied, “Our initial aim was to be the only classifieds site of any note in Bangladesh.  Given that we came in as the number two player and are now the largest online marketplace in Bangladesh, I feel we’ve been quite successful in that regard.”

It’s hard to change people’s behavior in regards to transacting online – especially in Bangladesh, where people are not used to technology and the internet.  However, in the past year or so, the response for the public has been overwhelming, as millions new internet users have joined our ranks.  We are extremely happy with the market trend, and can only see it continuing.

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