5 Most Popular iOS Apps

By Wasi Abdullah, Contributing writer and coordinator, Riddle Scribble



Do you have a lot of to-do-work? Can’t manage those tight schedules? The Asana web, the new and improved iPhone app, is just the app for you. It can serve as a great and invaluable tool to get work done. It’s effective for assignments and projects as well. You can have different categories of to-do lists. You can assign people to different stuff and much more. It also lets users select a due date by which the task is to be completed. Archiving the task will allow users to get the latest updates, which will be pretty convenient.

Adobe Photoshop Express
The photoshop express for ios is now available in the app store. The app allows users to take photos or upload them from the phone. It’s got everything a photo editor needs. Setting for highlights, contrast, exposure, noise and temperature. Next up, the edges options lets you add vignette. There’s an undo button to reverse any unwanted changes. The share button lets users share their image on Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr and via Email. A healing brush allows users to smudge blemishes. The filters are really unique, quite unlike other apps. This free app is a must-have app to add to your collection.

The Digg app, with its newly integrated RSS reader, offers a unique mix. It contains a lot of features that set it apart from other typical news reader apps. Digg’s well-known brand of social news is blended with a standard RSS reader, which is quite similar to Google Reader.
It comprises of plenty of white blank space in order to keep things simple. However, the Digg app lacks features like comments and category. In addition, there is no way to view any “popular” or “upcoming stories” in the app. The apps makes up for this lacking with smooth performance, and syncs with the user’s activity on the web. The “Digg Top Stories” features social newsfeed that companies are famous for. Digg has it’s own set of unique features. The Digg apps incorporates suggestions from users. So, better hurry up and get the Digg app today.



Box, the app that works the way users want it to. It’s fast, simple and secure. It makes managing files and documents from one’s laptop or desktop to one’s iPad or iPhone. Users can view more than hundred types of files. The search option lets users quickly users quickly search documents and also to search within documents as well. In the feedback section, user can keep notes of your documents. Box allows users to access hundreds of partner app. If you are a busy person, and need something to manage your documents on the go, “Box” is the app for you!


With the sophistication of technology, it’s quite difficult to keep track of all transactions manually. Billguard, The Smart Money App, tracks all charges across your credit and debit cards. Billguard is a personal finance security company. Simply register for the account totally for free and get started. You can view all your transactions in an organized manner. It’s of great convenience; you can verify your transactions by swiping only. So, basically, you have a card in an app, and keeping track of all your expenses. Billguard will identify any problem for you, alert you and help you get the money back. Want to save hassle of handling finances, get Billguard today!




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