Robi Brings For The Masses This Eid

I’ve always hated queuing up in front of bus stations to buy tickets at the last moment during Eid. It’s really difficult to find time to go all the way to a bus station and then waste even more time standing in a queue not knowing whether I would actually be able to buy the ticket. This Eid though, I decided to do things a bit differently.

Recently, I came to know that there were a few websites selling bus tickets online. Like most people I’ve always been highly skeptical of online services and haven’t really heard good reviews from people who actually bought bus tickets online. So I decided to do my own research and that’s when I stumbled upon It’s apparently a new service by Robi’s Digital Ventures and I was curious to find out if it’s actually any good. So here’s my review of their services.

My first impression was that the interface is pretty good, it’s neat and easy to navigate. From the look of it, they’re also going to offer Launch and Movie tickets soon. Movie tickets would be a big deal if it actually plays out well!





To buy the bus ticket, the first thing you have to do is to select destination of your journey and choose the starting point of your. In my case, I chose Dhaka to Chittagong for  Sunday the 7th of July.




When you click the search button, you receive a whole list of options available from all the different bus operators and that’s big help when you have everything in one dashboard and you can actually compare. They have everything, from the departure point to the number of seats available all set in one place.

Once you click the search button, you can see the whole list of bus operators and tickets available. It’s actually very helpful to make an informed decision regarding the bus company you want to travel with.






When you click the red ‘View’ button on any one of the options, that’s when you see the niftiest feature. They not only have booked seats shown but they are also categorized by male and female! This saves a lot of hassle if you’re booking seats for a female family member on public transport.

To book seats, all you have to do is click on the white vacant seats and they turn green. They also calculate the total price of the tickets as seen at the bottom left corner. You can see I chose two front seats side by side and also my boarding and drop off point.




Once you click ‘continue’ it takes you to a new window where you need to fill up your personal details. They also offer a lot of options (Bkash/ Mkash/ DBBL card/ MasterCard etc.) to choose from for making payment for the tickets.




Now after all of this is done, all I had to do was make the payment and the ticket was directly sent to me through SMS. I also have the option to either print it out, save it as a pdf and all I’d need to do is to show the sms ticket to the bus operator while boarding.

All of this is apparently also updated in the bus operator’s backend too, so that there’s no double booking of the seats. I also have the option to cancel my ticket and receive my refund through whichever medium I paid in the first place (bkash in my case).



They also have a pretty comprehensive FAQ section to answer any questions one might have regarding the service. This actually helped me a lot because I had no clue about the process of cancelling a ticket.

So there you have it folks, if you’re looking for an escape from the intolerable experience of purchasing bus tickets in person this Eid, is the way to go. It’s fast, hassle free and I managed to purchase bus tickets for Eid in less than 20 minutes, a task that would generally take you hours to complete with significant loss of money and energy.

Here’s also a step by step instruction video of how to book the tickets. Happy travels this Eid!



Rageeb Kibria

Rageeb, a final year business student at North South University, is a self proclaimed music connoisseur, social chameleon and indie movie enthusiast. He also loves to read and write about new and innovative businesses and the people behind them.