WebAble Creates The Hype For Aarong’s E-Commerce Launch

As a part of our series on digital marketing case studies in Bangladesh, SD Asia presents WebAble’s work with Aarong.


The premier retailer launched their ecommerce platform in summer 2014. The challenge was to build a hype around the site launch through a pre-launch campaign.



We created a contest asking people simple questions about Aarong along with a question regarding what can be the next big thing from Aarong (with one of the options being e-commerce). Winners could win vouchers to redeem in Aarong.

Media Planning:

G&R and facebook were the primary platforms where people with interest in shopping, lifestyle and e-commerce were targeted.

Content Strategy:

We created contents which hinted very subtly on Aarong’s e-commerce launch. These contents indirectly spoke about the advantages of shopping online. Overall purpose was to create a vibe that something big was about to happen. Also, there were general contents with a CTA (Call To Action) to participate in the contest.







1,700 people participated in the week-long campaign. Winners received vouchers and spread the words. The campaign served 1M impressions to 600K Bangladeshis across Facebook and G&R to drive 40K actions.

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Rageeb Kibria

Rageeb, a final year business student at North South University, is a self proclaimed music connoisseur, social chameleon and indie movie enthusiast. He also loves to read and write about new and innovative businesses and the people behind them.