Tesla’s Model X Arrives With Falcon Doors

Tesla’s eagerly awaited, long-delayed third model is expected to come out this fall. Tesla’s Model X vows to be the greenest way to tote seven passengers over hill and dale. The rear wheels are powered by an electric motor and the front by an optional front-mounted motor, for all-wheel drive.

“The Model X may arguably be a better SUV than the Model S is a Sedan”, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in June.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 3.00.07 pm

Here’s a look at the competition:

Expect two battery choices: a 60-kWh unit with a 230-mile range and an 85-kWh model boasting a 300-mile range. The model will integrate the high-tech cabin and potent acceleration from the Model S and the upward-swinging “falcon” doors of the concept.

Now here’s the problem with Model X: The primary crossover/SUV buyers are large families or sport enthusiasts or both. But the falcon wing doors open up, not out, precluding the ability to attach anything to the roof – like a ski rack, luggage carrier, bikes or other things big families or sport enthusiasts might want to carry.

Tesla doesn’t reveal the actual “specs” of the car until later this year when its asks its reservation holders for official down payments on the car. After that, the consumer can still cancel and get a full refund, for a short period.

Mustafizur Rahman Khan