SD ASIA Partners with IDLC Finance Ltd

SD ASIA is proud to announce that we are going into a content partnership with IDLC finance Ltd and its flagship publication MBR (Monthly Business Review).

Over the past 30 years IDLC finance has become the leading non-bank financial institution in the country. Started in 1985 by five people, as a single product leasing business, the company has evolved since then into a multi-product business, valued at USD 750 million, diversifying into Corporate, SME, Retail and Capital Market Segments. Today, the company has 31 branches and booths in 15 cities all across Bangladesh employing a total of 1200 people and is a blue-chip company in the stock market. IDLC operates in the country’s capital market through two subsidies, IDLC securities and IDLC Investments Limited.

MBR is the monthly publication for all the latest news in the financial world. The magazine focuses on the country’s economic affairs and business climate. It focuses on the changing landscape of country’s economic, trade, business, regulatory and capital market activities.

SD ASIA is content and event platform aimed towards galvanizing the thriving startup community in Bangladesh. We believe in good content, content that has some heavy “take-away” value to our readers, and with this partnership we hope to bring our readers even more value enriched content, consistently.

Ishtiaqur Rahman