Structuring a Startup for the Next Disruption by Shah Talukder

SD Asia in partnership with Founder Institure (FI) will be hosting ‘Structuring a Startup for The Next Disruption by Shah Talukder’ on 4th of July (Saturday at 12 pm) at Microsoft Bangladesh, Gulshan. Shah Talukder has been in the startup space in Silicon Valley for some time now. He will be launching his innovate app called YakSee Inc in the event. YakSee Inc., a Silicon Valley ( USA ) startup has started their beta launch of their Global Interactive Broadcasting Platform using mobile devices and leveraging Google Cloud to enable any one on the planet to create his or her own interactive broadcast station and reach a global audience.

Shah Talukder has been a seasoned business leader for over 28 years in Shah excels in innovating new businesses that create value through technology and market disruptions.

Mario & Shah

Currently, as Founder and CEO of YakSee Inc., Shah’s vision is to enable anyone on the planet to create their own Interactive Broadcast station and reach a global audience! YakSee’s cloud-based platform delivers real-time video and radio broadcasting on mobile with unprecedented interactivity and scale and opens numerous opportunities in education, news and entertainment, sports, community outreach, and social causes.  Talukder has defined the vision and strategy for YakSee, built the core engineering, business, marketing and advisory teams, developed the architecture and solution, and filed for critical patents around YakSee differentiators.

Prior to starting YakSee, Shah was founder and General Manager of Cisco’s Safety and Security Systems Business Unit, whose IPICS solutions revolutionized inter-agency collaboration and communications interoperability for homeland security and Public Safety operations.

Shah Talukder will be accompanied by Mr. Zahid Rahim who is a veteran of the Silicon Valley semiconductor industry, USA. His career spans design engineering, marketing, business management and operations in early stage startup and mid/large size successful technology companies. He is credited with bringing to market many “Industry first“integrated circuits; achieving leadership position in LED solid-state lighting, networking, telecom and portable electronics markets.


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Tasnuba Sinha