5 Leadership Lessons From Jon Snow In Hardhome, Game of Thrones


Hardhome, the 8th episode of season 5 of Game of Thrones beat all the ratings in existence. It has emerged as the latest lesson of effective leadership in the context of incredible risk and adversity. There is a lot to be taken away from the the prowess and effective thinking Jon Snow demonstrated in 20 minutes of negotiations and battle.

Here are five leadership lessons from Jon Snow in the aforementioned episode:

1. He led the operations from the front without being hesitant about his decision.

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Jon wasn’t afraid of the fact that the wildlings were much greater in numbers and thereby posed a considerable threat to his own life and of his brothers in the Nights Watch. He was resolute and determined that this was going to be the best decision under the circumstances, and despite enormous opposition from his own brothers he wasn’t afraid of listening to his instincts.

2. He put Tormund right beside him, and allowed him to take hold of the operations.

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When the enemy needs to be overpowered without a bloodbath, leaders have to ensure that the enemy hears it from someone from amongst his or her own. Jon did exactly that, and by posing Tormund as a free man and not a captive, he ensured that the wildling elders at least listened to what he had in mind. And hence Tormund, as we have seen, had a pivotal role in spurring wildlings’ support towards Jon.

3. He rose up to fight and save the wildlings even though he could have simply run away.

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When the Night’s King arrived with his forces, Jon and the rest of the Nights’ Watch could have simply run away as advised by Tormund. But Jon Snow, being a true Stark, stood true to his purpose. He joined the fight against the white walkers and even though he was going to die before the Valyrian sword cut through the white walkers’ commander’s body, he was determined to fight till the end to save his people.

4. He went away just at the right time with as many people as the ships could have carried amidst the carnage and destruction.

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In the end Jon Snow knew that it was time to leave, and no matter what he did, it was impossible to survive against such insurmountable odds. So he gathered up and decided that he couldn’t save anymore lives, so he raced away to safety while the carnage continued.

5) He looked at the Night’s King eye to eye, feeling scared but hardly showing it.

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It might seem irrelevant since it has nothing much to do in terms of action but as the Night’s King’s ascent made viewers shiver, Jon Snow responded with the power pose. His body language, despite knowing the doom that awaited them in the winter that has finally arrived, demonstrated determination and confidence in the face of a callous future. Hats off to Jon for showing what Amy Cuddy in “The Power of Body Language” calls the power pose.

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