Women Entrepreneur in Focus: Selina Quader

“AgriConcern applies a flexible farm and farmer- oriented approach and works in close cooperation with clients, farmerss and contract farmers to assist them to achieve their production goal along with the creation of markets for their farm produces, wherever possible. We work for preservation of environment, improving quality of life of our farmer partners and attaining poverty alleviation, employment generation and empowerment of women in our project areas. Agriconcern produces annually 10,000 to 12,000 metric tons of potato for the export market” – Selina Quader

Honored with the Bangladesh Business Award in 2004 in the Outstanding Woman in Business category, Selina Quader, the brains behind AgriConcern, is a source of inspiration to all. Something that began as a fun extracurricular activity transformed over time into a export oriented agri-business for Selina Quader.

The daughter of a lawyer from Jessore, Selina took a keen interest in gardening like her dad. Born on June 3 1947, Selina began school in Momena Girl’s High School. She took active part in school sports and cultural events alongside her studies and obtained a few prizes in different competitions held both inside and outside school. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1967 and got married to Dr. Shaikh Abdul Quader, an agricultural scientist in 1968. Due to her husband’s transferable nature of occupation, she had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the nation and reside in different places getting to know distinctive shades of people, especially farmers from remote villages of Bangladesh. This permitted her to understand their needs and was the impetus for her desire to work towards helping them. Her intimate social attachment with such people would eventually help her to excel as an entrepreneur in an agro based business. Selina was excited about a large piece of land that she had access to inside of her home which she turned into a kitchen garden. Soon after there was no more looking back.

Selina ended up reinvesting all of her earnings from the kitchen garden in order to lease more pieces of land and grow her business. Today, her aggregate land area is 200 acres and AgriConcern has grown into an award winning business.

Selina Quader truly is an outstanding example of a Bangladeshi woman entrepreneur who can inspire many more.


Tasnuba Sinha