Startups’ One Stop Solution for Recruitment

Employees working in startups have to juggle a lot of responsibilities and hiring new employees is really low in the priority list. StaffOnDemand, a Singapore-based startup addressed this problem by developing a platform that will allow startups to hire the best possible person for a position with minimum effort and time. A startup itself, StaffOnDemand has first hand experience in pinpointing the obstacles startups face when looking to hire new employees.

When a company signs up for StaffOnDemand, they need about a minute to create an advertisement and then they can choose from a list of 15 partner websites where they can post their advertisement. The company can then track and respond to applications through these websites via a single dashboard that ties them altogether. This also prevents spam emails going into company account as result of publicly posting an email address.

The biggest problem faced by SMEs and startups while hiring is the fact they cannot get the word out to attract the best possible employees. StaffOnDemand will help the small and medium enterprises to reach the best possible applicants to fill their vacancies.

The platform is not that complex, so anyone and everyone can use it to advertise for job vacancies. Not only that, the platform provides the users with some distinctive features that adds to their USP. Besides managing applications from the dashboard, the company can send out batch emails to job applicants to let them know that their applications have been received. Companies can also keep track of that channels that applicants usually use for applying for jobs, schedule interviews and keep a database of past candidates.

StaffOnDemand launched a year ago and is currently limited to Singapore. But the founders have expressed their desire to reach out to major countries in Asia. The company is eyeing Indonesia as the next country where they would love to expand their operations. They believe that unlike Singapore, Indonesia has more qualified job applicants than job vacancies. Thus launching this platform in Indonesia will allow them to help Indonesian companies find qualified employees.

Mustafizur Rahman Khan