Dash as Fast as You Can! Subway Surfer Review

Android games were never meant to give you an immersive experience. Most of often these games are complete no-brainers that helps to survive those boring classes, conversations and conferences. But sometimes you do find something that is exceptional and not like the rest of the lot. One such game is the subway surfer.


Subway surfer is a endless-runner game, much like Temple Run. However, it is much more lighthearted. The game is set in a train yard, where the players can run into oncoming trains. But, since the game has been developed for people from age group, blood and gore is not shown.Collisions into oncoming trains or other obstacles only results in the player being caught by the police that is chasing the player character. In game purchases are available, it is not mandatory for players to do so.

Like almost every endless-runner games, there is a plot to the game. As a player you are trying to dodge capture or obstacles, by swiping up and down to jump and slide. Swiping sideways allows the player to switch tracks. Along the way, players collect coins that can be use to collect and upgrade collectibles and power-ups.

There is nothing unique to Subway Surfer, compared to other endless-runners. At some point in time, running endlessly may also seem pretty pointless. But since you already know most Android games are no-brainers, Subway Surfer may be very useful to keep yourself away from boredom. Not only that the game in itself is very addictive. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, if you start playing the game there is a high probability that you may not be able to stop playing it.

Here is a video gameplay trailer of subway surfer:

Mustafizur Rahman Khan