Popular Bangladeshi YouTube Channels

The video site YouTube was launched 10 years ago on February 2005, with the slogan “Broadcast Yourself”.  YouTube essentially allowed people to capture moments on a video camera and share it with the rest of the world. Over the years, YouTube has gone from a platform for the average person to share videos to being so much more: as a marketing tool; as a distribution channel, etc.

As more and more people have a smartphone and are connected to the internet, YouTube views have gone up sharply. This is the case in developing countries, including Bangladesh. With over 4 million internet subscribers, many YouTube channels have been created by our own, local talent.

While 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of YouTube, It is also a special moment for us at SD Asia. SD Asia turns one year old this month. In celebration of that, we’ll be showcasing some of the best local online content in this market. For our first entry, we list the popular Bangladeshi YouTube Channels.

So, without further ado, here’s the list.

1. Salman Mohammad Muqtadir (SalmoN TheBrownFish)

There are many cliches and norms in the teen and youth culture of Bangladesh, and hillariously elaborating on them is the heart of SalmoN TheBrownFish YouTube content. From making fun of the behavior of Bengali lovebirds to the common activities of the youth during festivities, Salman’s channel covers a lot. Even his earliest, most amateurish videos can bring out tears of laughter from viewers.

Salman has built up a lot of credibility over time, and has used that credibility to good end to raise issues. For example, he has collaborated with 1 degree initiative to produce this video

Salman also works with other big brands such as Noir and Airtel on collaborations. He was a cast of the ‘Bhalobasha 101’ by Airtel, a video directed by Redoan Rony.

The channel currently has a little over 90,000 subscribers. Salman’s Facebook page currently has over 105,000 likes.

2. Bhaibrothers Limited

Bhaibrothers LTD consists of the local comedy duo Asif (aka Choto Azad) and Rakin (aka Pizzakill3r). Like Salman Muqtadir, the Bhaibrothers draws on the local culture and youth for their content. 6 months from inception, the channel has garnered over 7,000 subscribers.

The duo’s journey started with short sketches on Vines. The scale of their videos increased once their Vines got good response. On YouTube, the duo started in a different way, releasing videos in season. The channel shifted to making weekly videos in September 2014. In order to prepare quality content, the people behind the hilarious channel studied other popular channels such as Pewdiepie and Nigahiga.

Bhaibrothers LTD is also one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in Bangladesh and currently has brought in close to 2.5 million views on their YouTube videos.

Despite challenges (Read: Haters and Slow internet), Bhaibrothers LTD prove that it is possible to make a youtubing career here in Bangladesh. Their Facebook page currently has over 33,000 likes.

3. Moja Losss?

Starting off as a troll page, the Moja Losss? page/channel has moved into political and social satire. With it’s scathing, yet humorous critique of major incidents, politicians and their behavior, Moja Losss? has brought in many fans and viewers from different backgrounds, whether they are politically conscious or not.

Besides satire, Moja Losss? also makes funny ‘dubbed’ music videos, juxtaposing western music with the hilarious choreography sequences in Bangla films we’re so familiar with.

And of course, there’s the usual troll and parody videos.

Everything was going great for the channel and the Facebook page until its take on the Dhaka University incident that occurred on Pahela Baishakh. The founders have become inactive since receiving death threats for their exposure on this piece. However, after the encouragement of their fans and the public in general, Moja Loss has been back in business as usual.

Moja Loss currently has about 560,000 likes on their Facebook page and has over 14,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel.

4. TheCrazyBangladeshi

Joining in Salman and the Bhaibrothers’ category is TheCrazyBangladeshi, putting his spin on parodying certain norms. Here’s his take in on student home-tutors.

TheCrazyBangladeshi is a relatively new channel. The first video on the channel, ‘How To Be A Bangla Cinemar Nayok’, was put up 11 months ago.

Besides the satire, TheCrazyBangladeshi has also parodied a famous artist.

TheCrazyBangladeshi’s videos have been received well. The channel currently has close to 6,000 subscribers and has over 4,000 Likes on Facebook.

5. Xefer Rahman

Xefer started singing about 4-5 years ago. After honing her skill, receiving much encouragement from peers and family and being taught how to use a recording software, she started uploading her covers to YouTube. Xefer mostly covers rock and pop songs. Her first cover was ‘Almost Lover – a fine frenzy’.

Xefer has mentioned that she has not seen any local artist doing much on the video problem, and so went onto explore this particular channel. Soon after, she had a steadily growing fanbase. Furthermore, many mainstream musicians have discovered this young talent via YouTube.

After discovery, Xefer has become involved in many things. She currently does live shows, works on collaborations and sang for a movie. She has also worked on her debut album, produced by Nagib Hawk.

Xefer currently has over 5,000 subscribers on YouTube and about 16,000 likes on her Facebook page.


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