Internet Can Improve Bangladesh’s Socio Economic Condition-Mark Zuckerberg

According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg Internet access can improve the socioeconomic condition of a crore of Bangladeshis out of poverty.

“Research shows that for every 10 people who gain access to the internet, at least one person is lifted out of poverty. This is because the internet brings access to jobs, education and health information, and valuable communication tools,” Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post yesterday.The CEO of the world’s most popular social media platform wrote the post on the occasion of launching in Bangladesh on the network of Robi, terming it “another step towards connecting the world”.

Launched on August 20, 2013, is a non-profit platform of Facebook and allows free online browsing through mobile gadgets. ‘Connectivity is a human right.” Zuckerberg had said during the launch of the service. was a further step in the direction of Facebook’s past initiatives, such as Facebook Zero, to improve Internet access for people around the world.

‘Bangladesh has more than 170 million people, but fewer than 10 percent are connected to the Internet’, he said. “We have the opportunity to lift up more than 10 million people in Bangladesh and hundreds of millions around the world.”

On March 10, Bangladesh became the 10th country in the world to offer free internet access to some local and international websites through Previously this service has been successfully offered in Kenya, India, Philippines, Indonesia and many other countries.

Users can now access 23 websites — including Facebook, Wikipedia and ESPNCricinfo — for free.

The service was launched in association with the government’s ICT division and mobile phone operator Robi. Only Robi subscribers will be able to access/browse the websites for free but will not be able to open links, and upload or download any image or video free of charge.

Check out the post of Mark Zuckerberg explaining what is all about.

Earlier today we announced we’re expanding to give people around the world even more choice of free basic internet services. We’re doing this in a way that respects net neutrality and is also effective in connecting the 4 billion people who need access.Here’s my full video explaining our approach and what we announced today.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, May 4, 2015

Mustafizur Rahman Khan