Innovative Women Entrepreneur: Luna Shamsuddoha

“It’s given me so much confidence as a woman in technology. I’ve seen a change in myself” – Luna Shamsuddoha

Chairperson and president of Bangladesh Women in Technology, Luna Shamsuddoha will strike absolutely no one as a shrinking violet. Honored with Annona Best 10 award for her remarkable execution in local software industry as a women entrepreneur, Luna is Chairman of Dohatec New Media since 1992.  Dohatec’s main clients are The World Bank, World Health Organisation, US Postal Service, Government of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Army.

As Chairman, she drives the administration team and is in charge of a broad range of areas including marketing, quality and developing innovation oversight, Monitoring Project Implementation of overseas contracts and Human Resources. She is a member of Council of Global Thought Leaders on Inclusive Growth, Switzerland. The prominent Council embodies 32 recognized persons including Nobel Laureates, Professors, former Presidents, and Cabinet Ministers.

Graduated from University of Dhaka, Luna has a Masters Degree in International Relations and began business in 1985 as the Managing Partner of The Executive Center. Prior to that she functioned as English Language Teacher at British Council Language Resource Center and as Lecturer, English Language, Institute of Modern Languages, Dhaka University.

Seven years back, the Trestle Group Foundation shot this film with its first business visionary, Luna Shamsuddoha of Dohatec in Dhaka, Bangladesh

When asked what were a few difficulties that she confronted in her profession, Luna clarified how they began with no infrastructure, low financing, no human resources specialists, and no marketing people, she initially worked only with IT specialists. Regardless of all the difficulties, she explains how they have never failed a client and she is truly proud about the company and her employees.

“I can’t stop talking about education. I’ve heard in many places — in government, in NGOs, in Universities — saying, ‘Girls should study science, math, English”-Luna Shamsuddoha

Luna emphasized on opportunities; She said in Bangladesh, where 40% of the nation still live on under $1 every day and 50% of the populace is under 18 years old, little opportunities make a big difference. Therefore, as a trustee of Independent University Bangladesh, a member of the Board of Governors of  the Underprivileged Children’s Educational program, founder and President of Bangladesh Women in Technology, Luna Shamsuddoha is one-woman force for social progress in her nation of origin.


Tasnuba Sinha