Women Entrepreneur Profile: Ivy Huq Russell

Ivy Huq Russell, a former venture banker, Founded Maya with a dream to empower women by giving them access to information and a shared community. She is the Managing Director of Maya. As an endeavor, Maya is exceptionally intriguing in a sense that it has a very compelling value proposition along with a realistic chance to change the way of life of Bangladeshi women for good.

Graduated from University of Warwick in Finance and Economics, Ivy believes that her underlying passion for helping people has always been a constant in her life. It is because of this passion, she left the world of finance and embarked on a journey to help women in Bangladesh that have not really ever been tried before, that is the journey of Maya.

Maya is an initiative dedicated to empowering women through access to information and a shared community. She strongly believes that by educating women. Maya.com.bd began from her enthusiasm to help women in Bangladesh to learn & do the things that matter to them.

She understood the significance of having access to useful and trusted information within reach to learn more about do’s and don’ts of pregnancy. She additionally discovered that it was quite productive to learn from other women who were going through similar experiences. She also realized that there was a tremendous need, even in the urban culture, for quality information and most importantly a need for a community where women can share their aggregate wisdom and thoughts.

The biggest hindrance by far that Russell faced in Bangladesh was a lack of support. Most people gave her negative feedback and said that it was not possible. She did not let that get to her and gave a positive spin to it by taking a comfort in knowing that most great entrepreneurs went through similar push backs.

Tasnuba Sinha