DigiBuzz Speaker: Ovick Alam from WebAble Digital

Ovick Alam is a digital media entrepreneur who loves to build great teams, create an uncompromising culture of excellence and solve problems. He is a co-founder & managing partner at WebAble (2013), a digital creative agency and is passionate about marketing technology. Ovick is a co-organizer of TEDxDhaka and founder of BridgeWee (2009). He has been trained in management and entrepreneurship in USA, UAE and Sri Lanka. Ovick graduated from University of Dhaka in 2012 with a major in Marketing.

Q.Briefly tell us about yourself?

OA: I am an entrepreneur who loves to build awesome teams and is passionate about marketing. I champion internet as a key to human development. That’s why I co-founded WebAble Digital to simplify the web presence of companies and individuals. At WebAble I have surrounded myself with creative, talented and brave young people who strive to make a difference everyday.

Q.How did you get into digital and social media marketing? What was your motivation?

OA: My first exposure to digital marketing, and the potential that it had to offer, was when I was trying to market  my first startup – BridgeWee (2009). The nascent ecosystem back then attracted me to experiment with digital platforms. The results were phenomenal, and that’s when I got my ‘Aha’ moment about digital.

After two years of experimentation and learning, I met my now co-founder, Shadab Mahbub, in whom I saw the same motivation and passion. It opened my eyes to the promise of the digital divide and inspired me to start WebAble. My motivation comes from the enormity of digital media and the scope of contribution I can make to my country.

Q. How has marketing changed since you joined the industry?

OA: I believe marketing in Bangladesh is evolving to incorporate the interactive media as a key driver in its channel mix. Since January 2014, Facebook users increased by 150% (14 million; April 2015) and internet users increased by 17% (43.4 million; February 2015). My peers and clients have become more aware of the scope digital has to offer. They are exploring new channels, strategies and tools to break the clutter everyday. Now, our responsibility is to simplify the digital interactions for companies by making brands a part of everyday conversations.

Q. Why did you decide to speak at DigiBuzz and what is your expectation?

OA: I was pleasantly surprised and excited to see the theme of the event. It reminded me of my very first exposure to marketing on a digital platform and the plethora of knowledge that I have gained since then. I believe DigiBuzz will be an incredible opportunity to learn from and share knowledge with passionate marketers.

Q.What can the participants expect to learn from you?

OA: Simplifying digital to leverage results and inbound marketing.

Q. In your view, why should someone attend DigiBuzz?

OA: The digital marketing industry in Bangladesh is a rebel of sorts, so far lead by innovators. Now, we need to cater to the early adopters and early majorities. We are entering a stage where digital strategy and best practices need simplification to facilitate traditional marketers’ digital transformation. DigiBuzz is a great platform for constructive conversations with experts and explore ways to monetize social media in the local context. This is a great initiative by SD Asia.

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Rageeb Kibria

Rageeb, a final year business student at North South University, is a self proclaimed music connoisseur, social chameleon and indie movie enthusiast. He also loves to read and write about new and innovative businesses and the people behind them.