Valentine’s Day Tech Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is coming up closer, and now is a perfect time to get a gift for your significant other. If roses, dinners and lockets or other ornaments no longer cuts it as a romantic idea of Valentine’s Day gift, tech may be the perfect gift for you. Some couples like to go all out in choosing/buying a gift for the special one, others… not so much. This is why we have selected tech products which would not only serve as ideal Valentine’s Day gift, but will also be fun and within budget.

Here’s our guide to help you pick the right gift for your special one.

  1. The Jewelry Lover.


Valentine's Day

If bling still gets her attention, you can gift her Apple earrings or a Robot Necklace. If she is a techie, no matter whether she is fond of Android or prefers apple she will definitely appreciate this stylish piece of wearable. For those with wallets running dry this can a good option.


  1. Always on the road.

Valentine's Day

If he/she spends a lot of time on the road and drives the car himself/herself, a car mount for the phone can be a nice gift. It will save time in searching for the phone and will reduce related risks. Good models like the Tylt VU Wireless Charging Car Mount charges your phone and also allows hands-free use for calls.

If he/she owns a tablet which is used for multiple purposes and in multiple locations, a multi-purpose tablet cover cum keyboard, like the ZAGG Slim Book for iPad Air, will be a good idea.

If the significant other emphasizes on fashion, a beautiful soft leather bag to carry tablet, laptop and other essential items can be a great gift. Not only will he/she will be able to carry the daily work essentials with ease, when compared to the average laptop bag or tablet cover this would look fantastic, and will remind him/her of you.

  1. Wrist smart wearable tech.

Valentine's Day

There are a lot of smart wearable tech now available in the market ranging from fitness trackers to “wristphones”. And everyone wants these wrist wearables. Not only do these serve a wide variety of purposes, they are also extremely cool gadgets.

If the significant other is health conscious you can buy a fitness tracker like Microsoft Band, Mi Band, Fitbit Charge HR, Jawbone UP Move, or Misfit Shine. Some of these would just serve as fitness trackers, helping you maintain or lose weight. Others would also serve as smart gadgets that would let you see text messages, and call or event notifications.

If you have a large wallet and want to give him a fantastic smartwatch, go for Asus Zen Watch or Moto 360. These beautifully crafted wristwatches not only look like the all-time class ones, but also shows you what the most modern smartwatches can actually do.

  1. Going mobile.

Valentine's Day

For those who spend a considerable part of the day with mobile devices in hand, a power bank can be a gift which will actually turn out to be useful. There are a lot of power banks available in the market, like Xiaomi Mi 10400mAh Powerbank and Walton 6000mAh Powerbank. Pick up one (for guys: preferably in her favorite color and she’s sure to be impressed), and you will be able stay in touch with your significant other all day long without interruption.

If the special one is an outdoorsy kind of person who handles the phone roughly and shortens the phone’s life expectancy significantly, a hardcore mobile cover can be the ideal gift.  Lifeproof Fre iPhone 6 case provides maximum protection against accidental drops, dust and water, while adding extra battery power for long hikes. There are similar covers available for android phones.

  1. Music lovers.

Valentine's Day

Everyone loves music, but very few buys dedicated audio device. Your gift for him or her can be a sound system that he/she will be able to carry around in the bag, like a portable Bluetooth speaker. When you are giving her this gift you can create a romantic, Valentine’s Day atmosphere by playing your special song. For people who prefer to listen to music solo at the gym or on the go, you can buy a wireless headset, like LG Tone Pro. If the significant other like listening to music at home, go to your nearest market and buy a decent set of speakers (for best speakers at reasonable price visit shops in IDB Bahban in Agargaon).


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