Digital World 2015, Day 2: Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has undoubtedly become an integral part of modern business strategy. It represents an important, highly customisable touch point for customers that can do wonders for you, whether you are a startup or a seasoned veteran. Considerable strides have been made in Bangladesh through this medium, but according to global experts, we have just touched the tip of the iceberg.

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The Digital Marketing session on the 2nd day of Digital World 2015 introduced its audience to the basics of Digital Marketing and explored some of the options available in this medium which businesses can explore to maximize their reach and awareness. Currently popular social marketing mediums in Bangladesh like Facebook were discussed, and a great amount of emphasis was placed on mobiles as a focal point for digital marketing innovations.

The Digital Revolution in Bangladesh

In the keynote, Ben King addressed the changing digital landscape, and how quickly Bangladesh was becoming an important contributor to it.

“81% of the people online in Bangladesh right now came online only in the last five years. 3500 Bangla websites are creating content exclusively for local and community readers.

That just shows the great appetite Bangladesh has for digital. ”

“If you were to check the Alexa ratings for Bangladesh five years ago, you would find only 3-4 local websites. Now almost 45% of the websites there is exclusively local.”

The Internet of Things

Tony Murphy addressed a phenomenon called the Internet of Things. “By 2018, at least 15-20 devices in your home are going to be connected with each other. Samsung’s SMART TV, for instance, has an option for voice input which collects non identifiable information to third parties. We will be seeing a massive point-of-interaction upgrade that better serves consumers both online and offline.”

There’s already a huge demand among leading businesses in Bangladesh for apps that are specific to their products. P&G and Unilever in particular are taking big steps in this direction.

To this end, Murphy said that Mastercard has considered integrating services like Apple Pay in Bangladesh, but a major impediment would be the massive amount of data infrastructure that needs to be built within Bangladesh.

The Promise of Digital Marketing

Iraj Islam talked about the green aspect of digital marketing. “Out on the streets, it seems like ads are everywhere. They are creating a lot of noise that interrupts our minds in order to push products. However, we can leverage tech to address this problem and make marketing a force for good. That’s the core promise of digital marketing.”

Iraj Islam also talked about how customizable digital marketing was for the seller. “You can track everything with digital. You can actually track your conversion rates across various platforms like SEO and Facebook marketing and see which mix works best for you.”

Three Steps to Digital Success

Ben King outlined three steps to success in face of emerging digital trends. “Firstly, address your consumer right when he is about to make a decision about buying a product and going for a particular brand. When you reach your consumer successfully in such a way, he will feel as though you are helping him to make a better decision instead of pushing a product he doesn’t really need.

“Secondly, simplify your user experience. It’s a four screen world now, and your digital touchpoints need to reflect that. Think how your consumer should feel when they first reach your website.

“Lastly, personalize. Speak to what they want and what they will like. We at Google believe that marketing results should be very relevant. We are probably only the site in the world that want to get people off our websites as quickly as possible, because that means we have gotten our customers to where they wanted to go.”

Get Started!

In his closing remarks, King expressed appreciation for the efforts of startups like NewsCred to energise digital marketing. “A strong startup ecosystem is instrumental in spreading the usage of digital marketing to higher levels. This also needs to be addressed by the large business players as well.

What I will say to all of you is, get started. Work with the right partners. There’s a certain amount of risk involved, of course, but it’s a massive opportunity for all parties concerned. It’s going to be really exciting!”

Muhtasim Sarowat Rayed

A third year BBA student from IBA, Rayed is keen to gain valuable first-hand knowledge about today’s entrepreneurial landscape. He is fascinated with innovative ideas and seeks to understand how they are generated and realized from context to context. Hobbies include reading books and comics, writing fiction and some gaming when there’s time.