5 reasons why Women Entrepreneurship is likely to boom in 2015

The concept of Women Entrepreneurship is formulating into rapid and apparent success stories in the business world today. The last few years have seen commendable progress in the female entrepreneurial criteria and 2015 raises up the bar of expectations, hopes and potentials a little more higher.

Let’s take a look at the few simulators that would come handy to raise up female entrepreneurial success stories in 2015:

1. Encouragements and Recognition leading to creation of role models:-

It is a very natural trait among people to hesitate taking a first step unless they can be sure that someone else had traveled through this same path and had not fallen. This is what happens in most cases of female entrepreneurial aspects. Nowadays, as more success stories about businesswomen are getting revealed and celebrated, more women- who previously had hesitated or remained to conservative to try- tend to venture into new ideas to start their own business. With extensive media coverage conducted by platforms like ‘Bizwoman‘ of the Business Journals, ‘Forbes Women‘ etc more inspiring stories are being related with some of the coolest startups mentioned. Such stories are rather giving rise to further stories to be told about women in business.


2. Outburst of Angel investors looking to invest behind female-led business start-ups:-

A recent article in Forbes Woman by Geri Stingel shows a rising trend in the angel investing sector catering to women entrepreneurs. This trend has been most significant in the years 2013-14 and has been caused by the increased acceptance of investors that, spending behind women-led businesses have less chances of failure than spending behind traditional male-led start ups. Furthermore, many women themselves are ending up being Angel investors particularly to invest in women-led startups. A strong example of it is drawn by the U.S based Golden Seeds, an organization founded by Stephanie Newby in 2005, which aims to educate and encourage women to spend wisely and actively behind business start ups and has become one of the largest network of Angel Investors of North America.

3. Availability of More financial options:-

Major problems that women faced/face before starting any business would be the lack of fund raisers and investors available and this is what mainly leads to hesitation in women to go and seek out a financial platform in the first place. However,that trend is changing now, as fund raisers tend to go for some experiments with women led start-ups to actually test against their speculation that such businesses might not last long. A recent report by Forbes showed that crowdfunding is becoming more geared towards spending behind women led start ups owing to preserve the issues of ‘equality’ and ‘gender unbiasedness’.

4. People are becoming more keen to defy that they are/have ever been gender-biased:-

The concept of equality press further when you are alleged to be biased. This is what is happening; as more statistics and reports show that investment, opportunities and acceptances behind women entrepreneurship remain low, more people specially men in business, tend to defy these notions and build up stronger support systems either by becoming venture capitalists, fundraisers or by covering stories of successful women entrepreneurs to bring them out to limelight.

5. Women are becoming more sure and self confident to start up something of their own:-

Businesswomen have always existed to contribute and shape up the business world, it was the concept of starting something entirely new that seemed a bit uncommon for women. Perhaps the risk factors, lack of scopes and platforms hindered many entrepreneurial women to try out their luck. Although this is now changing extensively. Seminars, conferences, special networks are designed just to give a kick start to female entrepreneurship. As mentioned earlier, as more stories are getting celebrated, an element of self-confidence is getting embedded into the minds of many women who are taking initiatives to start. With elevating popularity of entities like the Asian Women Entrepreneurs (Aweusa), Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan, the WES-European network to promote women entrepreneurship etc more women are getting sure and well informed about guidelines about how to channel their innovative ideas into successful startups. These confidence indicators indeed imply that 2015 is going to be yet another tenure of success stories of new women entrepreneurs to talk and cheer about.

Mustafizur Rahman Khan