Digital World 2015: “Tech Conference for Women”

The biggest IT fair of Bangladesh, Digital World 2015, is officially on. This platform will enable IT companies and tech startups to showcase their best products and ideas. An initiative of the government of Bangladesh, Digital World seeks to revolutionize the tech scene in Bangladesh.

Digital World 2015 has hosted seminar, panel discussions and conferences in its opening day. “Tech Conference for Women” was one such conference. It focused in encouraging women involved in all level of the tech scene in Bangladesh. Several successful women entrepreneurs shared their insights in this conference.

Speaker Rokeya Afzal Hossain, the Bangladesh Federations of Women Entrepreneurs President told about her success in life and encouraged women to participate in this sector. She said “In our time women only wanted to be teachers. No one loves to get involved in hard work. But now times have changed… Now young enthusiasts have a chance to fly. They have energy. Now it’s easy for a woman to work at home by using the internet and to earn money through the internet.  Hence we should keep on creating opportunities for women  to learn technology’’.

Mrs. Uma Sen Gupta, the democratic district leader of UN spoke on how time is ripe for women to be more involved with technology. She said “Every girl has a power to do something.the only thing is they need to be supported by their family and environment”.

Hosne Ara Begam, the Managing Director of the Bangladesh high-tech park society, spoke about the opportunities for the women in the tech sector as well as the other sectors. She said “Now is the time for the women to be shine. They need to be trained. High-tech Parks will be established in every district and the trained women will be recruited there”.

Deputy Secretary of ICT program Mahbuba Islam discussed challenges women have to face.

Some young young entrepreneurs were very ambitious and passionate about their projects. They believed that women have a great chance to do well in the tech sector.

Grameenphone digital service manager Sayma Rahman spoke about self motivation. She said, “Self learning, self motivation & self confidence is really needed for the success.”

Director of Summit Communication, Faria Khan, also encouraged women to join the tech sector.

Basically the conference was about the collective expression of women and their talents in providing leadership in bringing larger numbers of women into this field. The goal was to encourage young women to participate in the technology industry as professionals and entrepreneurs providing leadership.

Tousif Alam