5 Apps to Turn Your Old Smartphone into a Smart Home Gadget

Do you have a smartphone that’s couple of generations old, too laggy to run heavy apps, and on the verge of being thrown away in favor of the latest model? Well, don’t throw it away entirely when you do purchase a newer model. It’s still a mini-computer with several advanced sensors. With the right kind of apps, you can repurpose your old smartphone into a lightweight smart home device.
In this article, we explore some of the apps which do just that.

1. Salient Eye

salient eye

With Salient Eye, you can turn your smartphone into a network-connected security cam. It’s free to use, comes with several features such as motion detection and auto capture, text alerts and a sound alarm. It has a high degree of optimization, able to run on any devices able to run to Android 2.2 or higher.

2. ManyThing


The core concept of ManyThing is similar to Salient Eye, except that it’s on the iOS platform. It can turn an iPhone, iPod or iPad into a Wi-Fi connected security cam. A second Apple device can be used as a security monitor, as can a Mac or PC using the Manything web app.

3. Cloud Baby Monitor

cloud baby monitor

You just need to position your iPhone near your baby, and Cloud Baby Monitor will take care of the rest. It not only provides live-streamed footage of your baby, but also offers two way transmission—so you can both listen and talk to your child—as well as music playback so you can play lullabies and other soothing tunes to put your child to sleep. Cloud Baby Monitor can run on all iOS devices.

4. Alarm.com

alarm com

This app will work in concert with home alarm systems to provide 24/7 coverage on your home security. In addition to the standard features, like arming your alarm from the office, the app includes location-based services. Using GPS, your home knows where you are and can adjust temperature, lights and more automatically. You can customize the app to send notifications when others arrive in your home, or If the front door or garage door was wrongly left open.

5. Samsung Smart Home

samsung smart home samsung smart home 1

This app allows your Android smartphone to connect with various Samsung home appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, vacuum cleaners and many more. You can check the status of the devices and modify their controls, such as temperature control on refrigerators and air conditioners.

These apps demonstrate that, with little to no cost, you can bring a lot of utility and mobility to several aspects of your home. So next time you buy a new smartphone, don’t be so quick to discard your old one– you just might be able to turn it into something that’s a lot more useful.

Muhtasim Sarowat Rayed

A third year BBA student from IBA, Rayed is keen to gain valuable first-hand knowledge about today’s entrepreneurial landscape. He is fascinated with innovative ideas and seeks to understand how they are generated and realized from context to context. Hobbies include reading books and comics, writing fiction and some gaming when there’s time.