Why We Won’t Hire You

In our current startup, SD ASIA, we hired many people in full time, part time, and internship roles. A few have been fired too! We take hiring very seriously, as you can always end up with dead weight which can bring the ship down. Recently we advertised for a full time position, and the first filter happened right after we placed the job post. Here are few scenarios which will definitely not help you to get hired by us.

1. Emailing your resume – 70% of emails that we received from applicants did not have a subject heading, a cover letter or email detailing interest in the position. People simply failed to understand email etiquette or have absolute zero understanding about professionalism. If they do not know how to reach out to potential employer, they probably will never understand how to serve customers either. So it made our job real easy to filter all the submissions received for the job applications.

2. Showing up for the interview – Once these selected few candidates get filtered and get chosen for an interview,you expect the person to show up. Unfortunately in my case, there is 40% no shows. No explanation, no email about canceling the interview. It is another example that millennial generation has completely different attitude when it comes to managing their time and setting priority. It also demonstrates their inability to evaluate what they really want.

3. First round of interview – Finally you hope to interview a very interesting person and often times you end up interviewing a very dull version of their resumes. They are either too nervous to properly articulate comprehensible sentences or not interested about the position at all. We can understand the situation about people being nervous but I really don’t understand why someone would take all the effort to show up and don’t show any interest. We always ask the candidates to share what they know about SD ASIA and often times get a complete blank stare. People are expected to do some basic research about the brand while preparing for the interview to gauge their interest in our brand and the position. Otherwise, it is advised people stay back and spend their time catching the latest Oscar nominations. My interviews are always about finding the motivation of the candidates and evaluating the brand fit, which often leads to a very animated interview. Some people leave with a permanent resentment about the interview style or actually find out what they really want to do with their life. And if I feel that SD ASIA is the right place for the candidate and can add value to the company, we welcome these young folks with open arms. 

So next time you see our hiring ad, hope you remember my anecdotes. 

Mustafizur R. Khan

Founder, SD Asia

SD Asia Desk