Google Glass: Yet To Make Its Mark

Written by: Mashiat Chowdhury

First launched in April 2012, Google Glass failed to create the impression it had anticipated on its consumers. A wearable computer that follows voice commands, Google Glass was made available to a chosen few elite “Glass Explorers” in the US for a fee of $1500 in USA in 2013, and to the general public in 2014. But it seems that the Glass Explorer program has come to a close.

Although officially taken off the market, it will still be sold to businesses, developers, institutions, and other such organizations. No updates to its software would be released, but current users of the Glass may go on doing so.

But amendments are being made, for Google isn’t ready to throw the blanket over this project yet. Previously under Google X Skunkworks, it would now be a separate project under former Apple Executive and Nest Founder Tony Fadell. With Fadell in charge, likelihood is that the outcome would be good. Perhaps its upgrades would even be hatched in secrecy the way Fadell had done it with Apple.

The Glass Explorer project had been initiated to check out the public response to the Google glass. Reviews had gone both ways; however, perhaps the world isn’t yet ready for the sort of wearable tech that sits on the bridge of one’s nose and must be murmured to. And while Google would not be releasing any more of the current Glass versions, likelihood is that it would return this very year with an upgrade that promises to please.

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