Bangladeshi Startups To Look Out For In 2015

It is often said that startups and entrepreneurship are born out of a need to solve problems. If you, the reader, are familiar with the world of entrepreneurship, you’d know that that holds true for any problems, big or small. Over the last year, we’ve brought to you many startups who’ve been doing cool and awesome things. Startups have innovated, solved problems and disrupted markets and the status quo.

In 2014, Startup Dhaka and SD Asia told the stories of many startups across Dhaka, Bangladesh, and startups run by non-residential Bangladeshis outside the country. But there are still many startups out there to cover. Here is SD Asia’s list of Bangladeshi startups to look out for in the year 2015


Businesses are digitizing all of the information they have and collect on a regular basis. In an increasingly competitive world, it is important for all businesses to keep up to date with as much information as possible: Sales, surveys and what not. This is where Fieldbuzz comes in. The startup’s app allows users to keep track of their sales rep, their activity and also allows them to report on real time basis.   Their software will allow managers to keep far better track of their subordinates and the locations they are covering. Their services will revolutionize how organisations work and with everyone going all digital, Fieldbuzz will be one of the startups to look out for in 2015.

The name says it all really. is the first online shopping database of Bangladesh. It gathers price information of every single product and provides them to you. Just search by keywords and you will are guaranteed to get the best deal for the product you want to purchase both offline and online. What makes it cool though is not its name (well not JUST the name) but the fact that it creates price competition, which can drive down prices.

Tech School:


One of this year’s breakout startups that had two of its students hailed nationwide as participants of TedX Dhaka. The Tech School was founded by a group of teachers and technology enthusiasts with a passion for bringing the joys of electrical engineering and computer science to a new generation of young people. The Tech School has had a rough ride, due to lack of sponsors and funding (while formerly known as WNES robotics school). Thanks to a very innovative method of teaching that helped kids grasp complex subjects like robotics, the young learners were soon making their creativity and calibre seen at various events. Now with six managing partners, the Tech School eyes wider horizons with plans for programs and courses for teachers.



One of the Masschallenge 2014 winners has set out to transform the ways of the global water industry, the startup focuses on the world water crisis to implement an ingenious solution in the form of a sustainable business. It utilizes a micro-franchise model to develop its business in remote arsenic-affected areas. Drinkwell targets local individuals with entrepreneurial energy residing near the location of its water treatment systems to form their distribution channel. Thus, the company not only creates a way for itself to generate capital in order to sustain, but also for the local communities to be involved in the cause and nurture their entrepreneurial talents. Therefore, Drinkwell has brilliantly managed to tackle health issues, unemployment and low living standards of a community with its innovative business plan. They are rolling out in Bangladesh in 2015.

Parallaxlogic Infotech:


It is a web-developing startup which focuses on ‘planning’, ‘designing’ and ‘developing’ ideas catering to creating an efficient website for any business. Founded by Ashraf Ul alam and Shihab bin Rashid, Parallaxlogic helps in the journey of a project from its creation to completion through their creative designs, research, development and collaboration with their clients. It comes up with its own inhouse project management tool and a Basecamp account which has communication threads and comment/questioning platform and from which anyone can manage their project anytime. Their most innovative product was pitched at Innovation Xtreme, a virtual Social E-Commerce shopping experience which has great potential globally.


It is an online Organic agricultural product delivering platform which focuses on reducing the time and inconvenience of customers of organic agricultural products, by delivering the products at their doors. They have over 65 acres of land where all the organic agricultural products are being grown.  Established by Muhammad Sahin, Sobjibazaar integrates effective cultivation of agricultural products, quality checks, prompt and active service networks along with proper planning to deliver their products to customers’ doorsteps within a given period of time. Sobjibazaar does not charge delivery fee while their products are priced with competitive yet reasonable pricing without any hidden costs attached. Customers pay cash on delivery and can order online. Customers can register online for services from their website-



Coders Trust is a micro financing company which offers loans to students in developing countries so that they can learn coding. The organization focuses on forming a bridge between financial backers and students to fund their education on programming. With the help of the loan, students start earning more through various online platforms such as, Elance and Odesk hence, enabling them to payback their lenders. So far, they have partnered up with 15 developing countries, one of them being Grameen Solutions in Bangladesh and have already initiated their work on 20 test group students. The organization’s aim is to enhance freelancing within a community. Through Coders Trust not only a community itself will be benefited but ultimately the bright, young minds will also be able to make an adequate earning through various online platforms.

MCC Ltd:


Multimedia Content and Communications Ltd. provides solutions for technical and strategic communication needs for its clients. This award winning company works in two sectors: Electronic multimedia and Mobile application/technology. Examples of their services including mobile apps development and video production. Technology has penetrated all across Bangladesh and MCC Ltd. capitalizes on it by creating more Bangla content for their clients. MCC has a large portfolio of prominent clients and partners under its belt, including BDjobs, ATN news and Grameenphone. This year they have plans to release some innovation of products for the consumer market, we will have to wait to see how they disrupt the market with their talent.


Hungrynaki is one of the first online food delivery services to start in Bangladesh. They started in 2013 October and covers  20 areas in Dhaka. HungryNaki’s goal is to provide people with food from their favourite restaurants without having to break a sweat. The company employs more than 25 delivery men strategically placed in different locations so that they can reach their desired destinations as quickly as possible, and have a 60 minute mark for delivering their food. This year, Hungrynaki successfully pulled off mass customer engagement via a very witty open letter to the people of Bangladesh. Hungrynaki sets attractive discounts on a regular basis, making them a formidable player in the emerging online food delivery/e-commerce market. They have recently expanded to Chittagong.


Shohoz has one thing in mind, to make traveling and holidays a far better experience for people all across the country. allows customers and users to book their bus tickets and rent hotels online via their website or via a simple phone call. The central hub of their bus routs is Dhaka and they offer booking services for a massive number of hotels across the country To further add to the convenience, there are many payment channels open for customers. The team at the booking portal consist of personnel with experience in e-commerce and travel sectors.

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