CES 2015: Rearview of the Year’s Biggest Tech Event (so far)

“Connected everything” shall be the new trend in technology for the foreseeable future. 2015 kicked off with the biggest tech event of the year, Consumer Electronics Show which started on January 6th and went on till January 9th. The International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) showcases more than 3600 exhibitors, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more; a conference program with 250 sessions; and around 160,000 atendees from more than 140 countries. The event attracts world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers. CES 2015 is over and here are some of the biggest takeaways.


Smartphones and Smartwatches:

Starting with the obvious, there is no tech events these days without exciting new smartphones and wearable technology. Lenovo announced a fitness band(Lenovo Vibe Band VB10) which behaves like a smartwatch, and also a smartphone P90 which is powered by the 64-bit Intel Atom processor and Intel XM 7260 LTE-Advanced modem. The company also introduced VIBE X2 Pro which is a limited edition smartphone as well as VIBE Xtension Selfie Flash. LG has also announced the G-Flex 2, the second iteration of its original curved G Flex. The G Flex 2 is smaller at 5.5-inches as compared to the 6-incher LG G Flex, but sports a full HD resolution. Lamborghini Mobile also announced the global launch of the stainless steel-and-leather handset ahead of CES in Las Vegas. The handset, which sells as an unlocked device accepting dual SIM cards for international travel, has a five-inch high-definition display, 20 megapixel camera and can connect to mobile networks around the world.


4K Redefining Television:
One of the biggest headliners of the event were 4K TV lines offered by the likes of electronics giants Samsung, LG, Sharp and Sony. 4K is higher def than HD offering a greater contrast. It has been around while but didn’t grab its market due to high prices but it will soon change. The companies will soon offer 4K sets for lower prices (e.g $800 a set). More and more networks will be rolling out 4K content to re-inforce the effect of lowered prices and help 4K TVs make it into the mainstream TV market.
Newest Innovations In Consumer Technology On Display At 2015 International CES
Car Tech Revolution:
This CES 2015 in cars was a wet dream for sci fi geeks and James Bond enthusiasts.  Audi, Mercedes-Benz and VW all offering demos of various automated car technology. Mercedes had in store a car which was more like a living room on the inside than a a car and Audi displayed a smartwatch that can make the car self drive itself towards you from the garage. A major highlight of the event was Daimler’s futuristic Mercedes-Benz F 015 concept which is bringing us closer to autonomous self driven cars. The F 015 luxury sedan concept, with its spacious cabin and lounge-like seating for four, explores new possibilities for self-driving cars that can double as virtual living rooms on wheels. The F 015 can be operated autonomously or manually. When the vehicle is in fully driverless mode, the four motorized lounge chairs can be rotated to allow face-to-face conversations. the F 015 is armed with six digital screens throughout the cabin. The screens can be controlled via gestures, eye-tracking or touch.

 Internet of Things:Connectivity is becoming increasingly important in our daily live. Be it for syncing contacts/emails/notes/media on multiple devices, or connecting with your e-wallet. the Internet of things is all about connecting your everyday life objects (built by smart tech) to interact you with a co-ordinated manner to help you make the most of them. Like for example, connecting your smart thermostat with your smart car. The internet of things is all about ushering the area where your home interacts with you. Your doors open/close, light turn on/off automatically with you around. And clever kitchens where the internet does everything. Drones were another attraction. Newer technology has made drone more capable of household use, and at the same time made the drone capable of more complex mid air movement. 3D printing was also a rage this time. As opposed to last year when 3D printing was still very much in concept phase; this year cutting edge 3D printers were used to demonstrate perfectly 3D printed items like clothing, accessories, toys and even musical instruments. People even ate 3D printed Pizza!

Among other things, portable music players are looking to make a comeback with $1200 Sony Walkman. The music player offers seamless FLAC playback, and a high end audio experience (which is quite justified by the price tag). Sling TV (from Dish), announced launching of online TV services which would render cable TV obsolete (with a monthly subscription of $20). Another area where CES 2015 had some interesting take aways to offer was Virtual Reality. In this video below Gamespot ranks VR devices showcased at the event from the best to the worst.’


The event is undoubtedly a very significant indicator of what tech scene would be like in 2015. Keep your eyes on the site for more article on our predictions for more insights on what we believe 2015 will be like in the tech startup world.

Md Mushfiqul Huq

Shoumik is a business student from North South University. He is a metal head, fiction writer, and an avid comic book fan. Shoumik is highly fasinated by entrepreneurship and its strategic aspects and loves coming across intelligent, innovative people with bright ideas for a better Bangladesh.