This Phone May Change The Mobile World – Amazon Fire Phone

Some might question the credibility of the headline- “THIS PHONE IS GOING TO CHANGE THE MOBILE WORLD”. But I am here to tell you how.

There is a new competitor in the global market of cell phones- The Amazon Fire Phone. With mind blowing specifications and a very sleek, admirable design, the Amazon Fire Phone started off big from its launching in June 2014. It will simply put an end to your battery life woes with its advanced power management capabilities served by its powerful 2400 mAh Li-ion battery that can last for days (literally).  The state of the art 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor combined with 2GB RAM will allow you to multi-task like never before. All these are simply words of experience as I myself had the opportunity of testing it out borrowing one for a few days from a friend.

Let’s talk about the battery life. The Li-ion 2400mAh battery gives up to 285 hours of stand-by time and around 22 hours of talk time. While most of the mobiles we see, hear and use of give approximately 240 hours of stand-by time and 20 hours of talk time, this surely gives better results. I have kept this phone uncharged for more than 38 hours and still did not shut down even after I had used it for talking and listening to some tunes.

The most exciting feature is definitely the Fire OS which a lot of people might think to be quite similar to Android OS. But actually Fire OS is very different. It is sort of a combination of the best features of Android OS and iOS 8. The other features such as 3D vision and the Firefly technology that enables you to recognize writings, sounds etc. It will make your everyday experience that much sweeter.

The camera? The camera is 13MP with HDR recording and low-light image stabilization hardware. In simple words, it falls nothing short of amazing.

All these and just for 250$? That’s around 20,000 Tk and that too is in offer. So hurry now. This phone has the best value-for-money. And this has put much pressure on other companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC because this certainly has been one of the most popular phones late year.

Mustafizur Rahman Khan