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Women take their appearance very seriously. The trillion dollar beauty industry thrives on a very smart and demanding customer base and these customers are getting smarter. With new and more cutting edge products hitting the shelves every week and with the help of internet access, more and more women are becoming more skilled at managing their own health and beauty. It is no laughing matter.
Keeping yourself in shape, keeping your skin, hair, and face and everything else in perfect condition takes a great deal of attention to detail (in case you plan to do so without spending a large chunk of your salary on beauticians, nutritionists, etc). For that reasons, the average Bangladeshi urbanite keeps herself updated with the help of the internet. Over a greater portion of last year, more and more women stumbled across a goldmine of a website which came with daily tips, beauty hacks, lifestyle pieces and many many more and that too in Bangla. is an online platform for beauty bloggers and beauty enthusiasts with Bangladesh. It has already become the largest Bengali beauty portal in the world. The site was co founded by Nazmul Sheik along with Milky Mahmud, CSE graduate from IUT, and Sinthia Sharmin Islam, a pharmacist. Nazmul Sheik is a BUET graduate and has Over ten years of experience in the telecom sector. He has worked at, Banglalink, Grameenphone, and MTN Nigeria. After coming back to Bangladesh he conducted a thorough market survey before deciding to cater to an underserved market of Bangladesh. He wanted to bring them news, reviews and much more and to create a leading knowledge portal for the beauty enthusiasts of the bengali speaking people around the globe.
The site is dedicated to women, with diverse content in Bangla featuring product tutorials, pictorials, reviews,  parlour reviews, dermatology related articles, beauty tips, and frequent social media AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with renowned beauty experts and dermatologists from  Bangladesh. They also have a youtube channel with plenty of ‘do-it-yourself’ tips and tricks makeup tutorials which are highly meticulous and personalized for the viewers. They have the most highly engaging social media page (right after Bangladesh Cricket fan pages). They are backed by a spectacular organic following of 635,000+ unique viewers. Their focus is to bring power to the hands of every woman and enable them via news, updated reviews and the knowledge on how to take really good care of their beauty without having to go to beauticians and beauty parlours.
What is your business model? How do you profit?
Our revenues come in via site ads(Unilever at this moment) . Our people also help manage social media for Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh.
There are plenty of Bangladesh based news media sites, blogs, websites these days. What would you say sets you apart?
We are a truly woman-centric beauty/health and lifestyle platform combining contributions from our very own content writers and independant bloggers in Bangladesh. And we are the very first of its kind down here. When creating content, we delve deeper in the personalization proccess. We try to give in depth reviews, and even suggestions on what t buy, from where to buy, and the right age for application for different products. We have the expertise, we have enthusiastic followers, and we also have our very own store named “Sapphire”  in Jamuna Future Park.
How was 2014 for you and what are your plans for 2015?
We had a massive growth of viewership. Now we have over 500,000 subscribers . We plan to keep on going strong and building our follower base. We want to keep on providing top notch content for local viewers. We also started video content, and we plan to diversify further. We are even planning on including cooking recipe videos. That, because people these days spend more time online than traditional media.
What are some obstacles you faced bringing this far?
One major problem you would face running any media publication is plagiarism. We often find our own articles blatantly copied word for word by renowned media outlets in Bangladesh.
What are some advice you would have for any budding entrepreneur?
I would urge entrepreneurs to be resilient, determined and focused. Focus on one thing at a time, one business at a time. We entrepreneurs are not investors, and we are not able to exert our time and effort in ten businesses at a time.

Md Mushfiqul Huq

Shoumik is a business student from North South University. He is a metal head, fiction writer, and an avid comic book fan. Shoumik is highly fasinated by entrepreneurship and its strategic aspects and loves coming across intelligent, innovative people with bright ideas for a better Bangladesh.