Checkmate Wedding Solutions – Wedding Planner, Video And Cinematography Services

Checkmate Wedding Solutions Started it’s journey back in 2011 with it’s to co-founders still student then, M Aminur Rahman & Sadia Afrin. In their 3 years journey, Checkmate Wedding Solutions have completed 800+ Wedding Photography Service, 350+ Wedding Videography & Cinematography Services, 125+ Wedding Event Décor, and 300+ Bridal Mehndi Home Delivery Service.


Contact Details

Checkmate Headquarter

Apartment B1

House 7/5, Block C, Lalmatia, Dhaka – 1207


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Products / Service

  • Wedding Photography
  • Wedding Videography & Cinematography
  • Wedding Event Décor [Hall, Stage and Gate]
  • Bridal Mehndi Home Delivery
  • Wedding DJ & Musical
  • Wedding Dala Décor
  • Car & Bashor Decor
  • THEME Wedding
  • Wedding Add on Services [Palki, Dhuli, Band Party, Halud Goyna, Rakhi Etc.]

Bridal Mehndi Home Delivery copy

Inception of Business

Blooming in ideas, entrepreneurs of Checkmate Wedding Solutions started this concern in a buzz at summer of 2011. Their 1st commercial work was on November 2011, and from December onwards, the organization went on full swing. Already registered trade license holder  with all formal papers done, Checkmate Wedding Solutions had their 1stoffice in Mdpur at 2012. Recently they have shifted their premises in a bigger area, in lalmatia. Soon to be opened facilities are Wedding Studio and Photography Classes.

M Aminur Rahman

Differentiation from similar organizations

  • Prompt delivery of service in promised time.
  • Home delivery of contents
  • Client centric output delivery, personal attachment with clients.
  • Thematic wedding event management
  • Creative and professional thoughts converted into quality results
  • High end equipment with proven artists
  • State of the art office
  • All government paperwork done so no worry for clients to be in contract.
  • Out-of-the-box concepts to fulfill clients dream.

M Aminur Rahman & Sadia Afrin

Business Model

Checkmate Wedding Solutions follows a sustainable model of minimum service outputs per month to offset it’s cost, salvage it’s investment and startup cost, eventually managing profit to extend it’s business prospects. The profit percentage is standard service profit margin in Bangladesh, which is in the arena of 30%-40% on an average. Checkmate has 3 full time employees in the back office to buckle up instant and emergency orders also gearing up the business lead-time. Profit in a nutshell is the difference between client end cost and service cost.


Milestone Target in a year

  • Completion of 1000th Wedding Photography service.
  • 2.5 lacs + Facebook Fan Page
  • Checkmate® app for iOS, Windows and Blackberry
  • Stepping in the arena of Event Solutions
  • Entitlement with suppliers and partners in business.



  • Lower pricing from competitors, ill price shopping
  • Lack of government support
  • Changing Consumer perception and keeping up with the new competitors
  • Payment collection and meeting delivery when completing assignments outside Dhaka.
  • Creating demand of new services and adopting it to customers.


Why choose a startup?

Entrepreneurs of Checkmate Wedding Solutions are also involved in full time jobs in private corporate offices. Yet starting this organization as students, M Aminur Rahman still works here as the chief photographer, covering wedding ceremonies on his own with his established team, meeting up with clients and post processing the digital contents of orders. On the other hand, Sadia Afrin properly takes care of Bridal Mehndi Home Delivery orders with her superb team and Boutique stage decors. It’s the happiness and joyful environment in the weddings which keep them running and running with their dream concern. With an efficient back office, Checkmate Wedding Solutions founders will soon be full time with their team to serve more clients.


Advice to new entrepreneurs stepping into wedding event management

  • Make a proper plan, be confident in your USP
  • Make the paperwork absolutely OK
  • Know your strengths and weakness, work on being different from others
  • Try not to copy others ideas rather than try to build an own style
  • Know your customer and deliver proper service
  • Know your promise, maintain a good profile.


Md Mushfiqul Huq

Shoumik is a business student from North South University. He is a metal head, fiction writer, and an avid comic book fan. Shoumik is highly fasinated by entrepreneurship and its strategic aspects and loves coming across intelligent, innovative people with bright ideas for a better Bangladesh.