“Think Like An Analyst”: An Evening With Asif Khan

This week Lightcastle Partners hosted a session for analysts at the Wave with a very well-known expert on the field as a speaker: Renowned blogger and analyst Asif khan, Deputy Head of Research, BRAC EPL. He is an Investment professional with around 6 years of experience in Asian Frontier and Emerging market equities. He also has a blog called The Asif Khan which is dedicated to promote financial knowledge and support anyone and everyone in the Bangladesh business ecosystem. While aimed at Analysts, the event had a decent turn out of students, investors, entrepreneurs and finance enthusiasts as well.

Throughout the Event Khan spoke at length about his Ten Commandments an Analyst must abide by to excel at his job.

The First Commandment: Thou Shalt Be Curious. Khan began his speech discussing the importance of being curious and entertaining a questioning mentality when dealing with anything. He encouraged analysts to think like a detective, and paying attention to details.

The Second Commandment: Thou Shalt Create Independent Sources of Information. Khan urged all budding analysts to be resourceful about where they go seeking market information. More than once Khan pointed at retirees as a very solid and uninhibited source of knowledge.

The Third Commandment: Thou Shalt Actively Improve Analytical Skills. Khan recommended budding analysts to consult experts, learn from the best, keep tabs on blogs and to read widely to improve their skills.

The Fourth Commandment: Thou Shalt Underestimate the Power of experience. Experience definitely makes a difference as an analyst. The more you learn along the way the more you have to offer.

The Fifth Commandment:  Thou Shalt Fight Inner Demons. Khan urged budding analysis to remember to try their very best to be ethical and to be unbiased in their work.

The Sixth Commandment: Thou Shalt Learn From Failures. Khan spoke about some of his personal experiences in the field. He reminded everyone that mistakes happen and mistakes are a part of the learning process.

The Seventh Commandment:  Thou Shalt Balance Big Picture and Detail Oriented thinking. Here, Khan used very specific examples taking different sectors of Bangladesh business ecosystem as a background. He spoke about the dangers of focusing too much on the bigger picture and the dangers of micromanaging.

The Eighth Commandment: Thou Shalt Learn to Communicate Clearly. In Bangladesh, people still make very basic communication errors be that in the board meeting, or over e-mails. Khan stressed the need for people to develop themselves to be better speakers, to be better writers.

The Ninth Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Go To War Alone. Here, he spoke about the need to learn to trust, and to never shy away from accepting help.

The Tenth Commandment: Thou Shalt Be Humble. 

The event was very well timed and had a good turnout despite being hosted on a weekday. The workshop followed a highly engaging and informative Q/A session where people from the audience reached out to Mr. Khan regarding many issues they personally sought knowledge over. The issues ranged from which is the best sector to invest in, to the growth of Bangladesh economy.

Follow Asif Khan at: http://www.asifkhan.info/

Md Mushfiqul Huq

Shoumik is a business student from North South University. He is a metal head, fiction writer, and an avid comic book fan. Shoumik is highly fasinated by entrepreneurship and its strategic aspects and loves coming across intelligent, innovative people with bright ideas for a better Bangladesh.