Passion Leads To Unconventional Career Path

‘This is not going to be easy. People will expect me to do a conventional job but I would rather be happy doing what I like’ – Moni, CG Artist. Six different individuals from different backgrounds and are doing something very different from each other; yet they have one common thing that unites them all – a passion for their work. And that is the story of Invisible Boundaries.

‘Invisible Boundaries’ does an excellent job of portraying the social and inner lives of six individuals as they attempt to do something extraordinary. Written and produced by Khan Mohammad Faisal and directed by Jaami Abdullah Farooq, it offers viewers a window at the concept of cultural capital of Bangladesh. The interviews are linked with socio-political history to the rise of collaborative practices among the youth which are letting new things to happen through the internet platform. More and more people now are using internet and we have seen immense creative possibilities in that. Furthermore, this film was selected as the official opening film for Documenting Bangladesh 4.

The most compelling part of this 19 minutes documentary is when the speakers talk about their ‘unconventional’ career paths. These six individuals talk about their lives, careers and their approaches of doing things differently. There’s Moni, a young CG Artist; Mizan, a film maker; Navid Kaiser, music producer; Rumman R Kalam, founder of Rantages; Abdum Nime, an architect and Naveed Mahbub, comedian. It is difficult to talk about the six individuals without giving out spoilers. So I will refrain from talking about them in details. However all of them have one thing in common – wanting to do something they love; despite how unconventional it is. They loved it to the point where nothing else mattered. They didn’t care about what others would think or whether it would provide sufficient earnings.

In short, Invisible Boundaries aims to inspire the youth by telling them they should always follow their passion regardless of how difficult it is. So dear readers, if you want to be inspired and if you’re looking for a sign to follow your dreams then go and watch this short film.


Tasnuba Sinha