The DO’s and DON’T’s of an Online Startup

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Starting up an online venture might be an attractive alternative to a regular business, given the fact that it requires less cash to setup and run. However, it is by no means a sure shot expressway to riches and glory. It is just as hard, if not harder, to succeed at an online company as it is to succeed at a normal startup. Why? Well simply due to the number of competing companies that are out there and the number of adds that are shoved to the average person’s browser screen, every ten seconds. Anyways, I think I substantiated well enough how competitive online firms can be and the question that that leaves us with is “What can we do about it?” Well, for starters, you can look up Startup Dhaka’s list of the do’s and don’ts for an online startup, and… oh….. look here, you’ve just found it.

1. DO use Google Analytics.

The best thing about an online startup is that you can actually keep track of how many people you reach. This information is incredibly vital, It will basically tell you whether a strategy is working or not, whether it stimulates interest or not. What google analytics does is it gives you this information. You can check how many people visit your website, how long do they stay there, which pages they spend their time on the most, etc.

2. DON’T use too much “things”.

When it comes to the internet, the less ‘things’ you shove towards your customer’s browser the better. Yes, you obviously do need to market your content but make sure that what your customer see’s is always relevant to his/her wants. You can’t expect someone looking for the latest share prices to be happy with a banner of “Shah Rukh Khan’s new love affair” flashing at the bottom of his screen. Also, don’t deliver TOO many “relevant content” because let’s face it, too much of a good thing is always bad.

3. DO make it presentable.

On the internet, people do judge the book by its cover. Why? Simply because there are just too many “books” out there. Yes, your content might be superior to that of your competitors content but you can’t expect potential customers to know that. And you can’t expect these customers to weed through a 1000 sites just to figure that out either. Hence, a good look helps. Simply because it gets people clicking on your sites links before they click on the links to other sites.

4. DON’T stop supervising.

At the start of any startup the boss usually has a hand in mostly everything. This is good, it ensures quality content is delivered consistently. However, as soon as the company grows, control goes out of the window. It’s either too tough, because the company’s too big, or you just don’t care because you reason that “hey…..the page views are still ok, chill out dude!!!” Well news flash, the page views will not be ‘ok’ for much longer. Your employees will get bored, just like you, and will hand in second rate work. So although you can’t supervise everything, make sure that you have people who can delegate the work to, people whose judgment you trust.


Details coming soon :)